Which Slots have the highest RTP?

Which Slots have the highest RTP?

RTP is an acronym for Return To Player and casinos and slot gaming manufactures use it to rate how much money a slot machine (or other casino games) should return back to the player. From the player perspective the higher a number the better and a game that had a 100% rating should in theory allow a player to play indefinitely and end up with the same amount of money they started with. The RTP rate is calculated by dividing the total amount bet on a machine over the total amount paid out so a machine that has had $10,000 bet on it and has paid out $9,640 would have an RTP of 96.4%. As this is pure math the rule of large numbers apply and the bigger the bet rate say $10,000,000 will derive a more accurate or “true” RTP rate.

With that said the RTP is a good indicator of how well a player can expect to do while playing a game and if the player had a choice between two exact slots and one had a 95% return rate the the other had a 97% return they should always take the higher (97%). Once again an RTP rate on a very popular game such as Immortal Romance (very popular Microgaming slot) will most likely have a more accurate RTP.

Now the big question is where can find the RTP for the games and select games that give the player a better chance of winning? That is where The Team at Casino Games will be of assistance because we are constantly testing games and online casinos and occasionally we will find a casino such as Videoslots.com which actually publishes their RTP percentages online for all to see which we think is fantastic. They even go as far as showing the most recent changes and when that took place, one of the reasons of a change would be a large jackpot being won such as a progressive jackpot which would lead to an increase in RTP.

Most folks would believe that the more transparent a casino is with their players the more trustworthy and we applaud the Videoslots Casino with making this information so readily available. VideoSlots is one of the first mega casinos to actually come out with multiple brands and looking at their site we see over 45 software brands and 1800+ games which is very impressive. New members to Videoslots will receive 11 Free Spins just for joining and these spins will take place on the wildly popular Starburst slot game which according to their stats page has 96% RTP.  Members who actually create a real money account can take advantage of their 100% Match Bonus and start playing for real cash winnings today!

immortal romance slot RTP

Have fun and good luck!

The Casino Games Team


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