Privacy and Cookie Policy

This Privacy and Cookie Policy (collectively known as “Privacy Policy”) should be read by any user (“You” or “The User”) of (“The Company”, “We”, “Our”, “Us”) to gain an understanding of how we gather and use data.

Our website contains gambling information, and you may come across links that will take you to third-party content (this is collectively known as the “Services”). We do not control the content on these third-party websites, and thus it is covered by their own privacy policy. We advise you to read their privacy policy before you share your data with these sites.

By visiting this website, you are consenting to the data-gathering practices described on this page.

What information do we collect?

Using the Services may lead to the collection of “non-personal information”. This information is unidentified and non-identifiable.

We do not collect, retain or share any personally identifiable information gathered on sites or apps not owned by CasinoGames, this includes both unique user identifiers, as well as IP addresses (except for the limited purpose of ad fraud prevention, upon which it is retained for only 12 hours).

We only use third party tools and applications that mask the IP addresses of EU individuals. Other tools used across the website do not collect any information that can be used to identify you.

We may also look at how you engage with our website to help us to improve the website's capabilities.

Cookie Policy

We use cookies to distinguish one user from another. This helps us to improve the website's capabilities.

A ‘cookie' is a file of information that is created and sent to your device each time a website is accessed. This file keeps a record of the choices you make on our website, which makes navigation between pages more efficient as it can keep track of your preferences and automatically activate certain features.

This is a breakdown of the different cookies used on our website:

  • Session cookies: These exist only when your browsing session is happening and cease to exist when you close your browser.
  • Persistent cookies: These cookies are stored for longer, typically one year. There are three different types of persistent cookies, as listed below:
    • Analytical/performance cookies: These gather anonymous information from our users, such as the sections that are visited. This allows us to structure our website in the best way possible to match our users' needs.
    • Functionality cookies: These help to distinguish different users from each other and save different choices made.
    • Targeting cookies: These are basically a list of the pages and links users click on.

By using our website, you accept the use of cookies. Remember, cookies do not contain information that can help to identify who you are.

If you would like to disable cookies, simply head to the settings of your internet browser and turn all or some of them off. However, this may lead to a lower performance level of our Services, and you may not receive the optimum online experience that other users (with cookies enabled) get.

Third-party links

Our Privacy Policy does not cover data that may be collected by any third-party website that you may have accessed through the links present on our website. We have no control over these third-party websites, and they each have their own privacy policy which should be read before you supply any personal data. If you follow one of our links to any of these sites, any risks that may arise are accepted by you as the user.

Why do we use your non-personal information?

As well as the reason already outlined on this Privacy Policy page, we may also collect non-personal information for the following purposes:

  • To maintain the safety and security of our website
  • To analyze the relevance of our content for our users
  • To improve the Services
  • To comply with relevant laws, regulations and authority requirements
  • To comply with demands from a court or other legal process

How do we share your non-personal information?

We might share your non-personal data with:

  • Trusted third-party service providers and partners. This is to help them carry out tasks for the purpose of improving our website. This may include doing research, analysis and data diagnostics. The processing of anonymous third-party data follows the measures outlined in this Privacy Policy and is in accordance with applicable laws.
  • Advisors, auditors and potential investors or purchasers in the company. We may share information in such instances as a merger, the sale of a large part of the company, or the purchase of other businesses by the company.
  • We may also share information if we believe it to be necessary to act in accordance with any legal obligation or request from the government, to enforce legal rights such as intellectual property, to take action over security issues or fraud, to carry out our internal policies, to exercise our right to challenge legal claims, or to avoid harm to our, your, or any third-party's safety.

Information retention

By using our website, you agree that you accept the terms outlined in this Privacy Policy. We will do all that is necessary to make sure that any non-personal information collected is processed and stored securely and in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Security and transfer of information

We dedicate a lot of time to ensuring that security procedures are monitored and carried out sufficiently and correctly. We use policies and procedures that are in use throughout the gambling industry to stop any unlawful access to our users' data. However, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to prevent absolutely all unauthorized access attempts.

The act of transmitting data over the internet is not yet completely secure, and therefore any transmissions are at the user's own risk. That being said, we will aim to fully protect the data that is under our control.

Our company is a global organization and is therefore covered by laws inside and outside the European Union. Laws about data protection may be less comprehensive outside the European Union than they might be within it. In these situations, we will aim to take all necessary steps to give your data the best possible protection.


If you are below 18 years of age, you are legally not allowed to engage in the Services we provide. We have designed our website to be used by individuals aged 18 years and above.

Updates to Privacy Policy

We advise that you re-read this Privacy Policy recurrently as we may revise it, when necessary, at our own judgement. This page will always feature the most up-to-date version of the Privacy Policy. Continuing to use our Services is acknowledgement of your recognition of this and agreement to such amendments.