Vegas Three Card Rummy is a fun change of pace!

Vegas Three Card Rummy is a fun change of pace!

With so many new poker games to play we sometimes forget about some of the great old time games like the Vegas Three Card Rummy game from Realtime Gaming.  This game is a very unique game in that the goal is to have the lowest score and it is just you against the dealer. Like most 3 Card Poker games you also have the opportunity to place a Bonus Bet which may not be the best odds in a casino but it sure makes the game more fun. One of the reasons this game is so popular is that it is available to all players including those living in the United States as it is a USA Friendly game. Play the Vegas Three Card Rummy game instantly for free by clicking here.


What makes 3 Card Poker so unique is that the lowest hand wins and you decide you hand by adding up the value of the cards in your hand. The value of the cards are face value with the Ace equaling one and a face card has a value of 10. The tricky part is that pairs, three of a kind, and runs of at least 2 suited cards count as zero points which is great if they are in the hand of the player. Fortunately in the online version you had count is determined right on the screen and a good rule of thumb is to raise if you hand is 20 or less and to fold if it is over 20. Our team really likes the Vegas Three Card Rummy game because there is a level of skill involved which makes it more challenging though not as challenging as in a brick and mortar casino where you are required to total you own hands.

Part of the fun in playing Vegas Three Card Rummy is that many times you look at your hand and think you have a poor hand but after totally up the points you may in fact have a very good hand. The payout odds very by how good you hand is and a score of zero has a 25:1 Bonus Payout. The true beauty of online poker is that you can learn all the tips and strategies of playing Vegas Three Card Rummy by clicking here and you can actually play for free directly from the site.

After only a few hands of playing you will see that this game is quite easy to master and in no time at all you will be playing like a pro. This game has become very popular with the introduction of free online play because people can learn to play for free and then they go on to play for real winnings at online casinos such as the High Noon Casino where new members can collect a Free Bonus just for joining! We think you are going to love playing this game and when you do don’t forget to share the site with your friends!

Have fun and good luck,

The Casino Games Team

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