Not all Roulette are created equal

Not all Roulette are created equal

The great thing about online casino games is the ability of the game designers to quickly turn out new varieties of games that have been unchanged for decades and the standard roulette table has seen some very fun re-designs. Ten years ago you would only find an American Roulette Wheel, a European Roulette Wheel and the occasional French Wheel but that has all changed.

In looking thru the Casino Games 500+ inventory of games we found in addition to the standard games Astro Roulette, 3D Roulette, and Roulette 5 just to mention a few. These games all have a roulette wheel and betting table in common but from there they go in varied directions.

The Astro Roulette game from 1×2 Gaming is a very fun for you Zodiac fans because the have replaced your standard numbers on roulette wheel with the signs of the Zodiac such as Cancer, Pisces and Libra. In place of Red / Black you can bet on Negative / Positive and you can even bet on the four seasons Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. If you are a roulette player then we think you will really like this game which you can play instantly for free here.

The 3D Roulette game from Playtech Gaming brings a new look to the traditional European Roulette wheel with a 3 diminsional look and feel and since roulette is such a visual game it is appropriate to expand on this. One of the features we like most on this game is the breakdown button that shows after each winning turn, click on this and you can see in detail your winning numbers and amount won. Play instantly now and try your luck.

One of the most unique roulette games we have played is the Roulette 5 from Slotland Gaming. This is something you have to play to truly appreciate because you can play up to 5 roulette spins at a single time. We know that sounds strange but you can play for yourself now and with the click of the mouse your bet will play in 5 instances giving you 5x the chances of winning!

One of the good things about visiting the Casino Games site is the ability to play games from multiple brands giving you a great variety of games to play and as you can see not all games are created equal. Please visit our Brands Section often as we are continuously adding new brands with their own distinct style and don’t forget to share the Casino Games site with our friends.

Have fun and good luck,

The Casino Games Team

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