The Liberty Bell Slot Machine and its Inventor

The Liberty Bell Slot Machine and its Inventor

The first mechanical slot machine was called the “Liberty Bell” invented in 1895 by a car mechanic by the name of Charles Fey of San Francisco. The term slot machine was originally used to describe all automatic vending machine as well as gambling devices. The Liberty Bell had three spinning reels with Diamond, spade, and heart symbols painted on each one.

The largest payout was a spin resulting in three Liberty Bells lining up, and the grand prize was a whopping 50 cents! The original Liberty Bell can still be found at the Liberty Belle Saloon and Restaurant in Reno, Nevada.

Eventually the idea caught on and the popularity of slot machines grew to epic proportions. Fey would not sell his rights to the machine, and so in 1907, Herbert Mills developed a knock-off of the Liberty Bell called the Operator Bell. This was the first slot machine to include fruits on its reels.

For over the next 20 years, slot machines were mechanically operated. It was not until 1934 that a machine called PACES RACES that a slots machine would be partially electronic, and the first fully electronic game would not dawn until 1964.

Golden Ball Slots

Based on the UK’s popular TV game hosted by Jasper Carrott, this slots game combines the excitement of slots with this great TV show. Players are faced with their choice of golden balls, each one containing either a cash prize or a dreaded “killer ball.”

Golden Balls is also a multiline slot offering 5 reels and 20 lines with a coin range of 1p to £1, and a jackpot that totals 10,000 the amount of your coin value. The game displays the classic line of fruit and vegetables, with a carrot thrown in tribute to the show’s host!

You can play for free or for real money which can help you get acquainted with the game before you start betting real cash. The only aspect of the TV show that is not in the slots game is the ‘Split or Steal’ round in which players split the prize 50-50 or steal the prize. Online gamblers are very thankful for this exclusion.

Tiki Temple Slots

Tiki temple takes you deep into the exotic Inca jungle. This game offers a whole plethora of fun characters and bonus games. Coin sizes run from 1p to 20p per line, so there is a betting option for every budget. In addition, there is also an auto spin function if you get tired of hitting the spin button.

What’s really great about this game is its bonus games. You can get three Free Spin symbols and get up to 20 free spins. Wild symbols can also be used to replace any other symbol on the reel except for the scatter and bonus to make a winning combination. You can even get the Wild Reels which give you tons of winning possibilities.

There greatest way to win can be found inside the ancient Tiki Temple. Once you activate this bonus game, you have to get through the Inca Jungle. Three bonus symbols on a line will get you into the jungle, where you have to choose three paths. One path will lead to the temple, while the others will lead to dead ends, although you will receive a consolation prize for your trouble. If you get into the temple, you will have to choose between three treasure chests. This is where you win even more money, and one might contain the progressive jackpot if you played the maximum amount of lines.

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