Red Dog Poker

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Deck: Shoe
Players: 1
Ante: Yes
Bet: Yes
Stand: Yes
Raise: Yes
Mobile and Tablets: Yes
Apple and Android: Yes
Payout Odds: Yes
Side Bet: No
US Players: No
Software: Microgaming
Minimum chips: 1
Maximum Chips: 50
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Red Dog Poker

The Red Dog Poker game from Microgaming plays exactly the same way you would play this table game in any land based casino. Red Dog is an online poker game that you play 1-1 against the dealer. You start the game by selecting your chip value which starts at 1 and can go up to 50 and placing it in the bet area. Depending on what online casino you are playing in the currency can be $ or € or £.

You will then click the deal button and the dealer will deal two face up cards with a space in the middle for a third card. You are now able to bet whether the third card will fall into the spread, the spread is the group of cards that fall in-between the two up cards. The Ace is always the highest card in the deck and the Duece (two) is the lowest card. In Red Dog Poker you only have two bet options once a hand has been dealt, the player can Call or they can double their bet by selecting Raise. The dealer then plays the third card and if it falls in the spread then you are paid accordingly, if the third card matches either of the first two it is a tie and your bet is returned. If the third card drawn makes it a consecutive such as 3-4-5 that too will result in a tie.

Your winning hand is paid out according to the odds displayed directly on the table and has to do with the number of cards in the possible spread. If there is only one card in the spread your payout odds are 5:1 (you only have 1 value that can win), two cards in the spread pay out at 4:1, three cards in the spread pay out at 2:1 and four or more cards pay out at 1:1. Your big payout happens if your first two cards are a match and the third card also matches to make 3 of a kind, this will automatically pay you 11:1.

Red Dog and similar games like War have sprung up in most brick and mortar casinos and are very popular with the online casinos. As you can expect the casino edge is very high and on top of that there is a lot of bad playing that goes with this game.

Instant play games are fun and easy to play but if you really want to enjoy all the features of this game and gain free access to all of the fantastic games from Microgaming we recommend you open a free gaming account. This takes only a few minutes and you then have the actual games on your desktop which means more features, faster play and a whole lot of free casino games with just a click of your mouse. You can find the free software at the Royal Vegas Casino, the Spin Palace Casino or the Luxury Casino.

Regardless of the house edge our review team found the Red Dog Poker game to be very fun and that is why it gets so much action. As a Microgaming Poker Game the game played flawlessly, the cards were dealt fast and we know the game plays fair. We do recommend that you set up a free online casino account to take advantage of all the features. You can play for fun, practice for free and if you feel lucky you can go ahead and collect a free welcome bonus to play for real at one of the trusted casinos above.

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