No Deposit Bonuses Rock!

No Deposit Bonuses Rock!

For those of you who have wanted to play at a real online casino but just can’t take the next step then the No Deposit Free Bonus is for you.  This is a very popular bonus offer which allows you to sign up for a real money account at an online casino without actually putting in any real money.  It works like this, you join a site such as Slots.LV by clicking their $22 No Deposit Bonus offer and you fill out an enrollment form, this will take only a few minutes.  You will need to fill in the standard personal information which does not require any banking or credit card information.

This will instantly be processed and your real money account will be set up with the Free $22 Bonus which you can actually play for real money!  Like all legitimate casinos this promotion has requirements which you will need  to fulfill before you cash our your winnings. The main requirement is that you wager the free bonus  with a 100x playthrough  which for a $22 bonus would be $2200 in slot wagers.  This may sound like a lot but in reality the average slot player makes about 600 plays per hour so if you were playing at $1 per spin you would fulfill your requirement in under 4 hours.  In reality what you are getting is 4 Hours of Free REAL Money Play and you get to Keep Your Winnings!  The other main requirement is that the bonus comes with a $125 winning cap so the most you can cash out with this promotion is $125.

So if you are looking to try playing online casino games for real winnings (real cash) then the No Deposit Bonus is a good way to start.  You basically get up to 4 hours of real money play where you get to keep your winnings up to $125.  That’s four hours of fun and the chance to cash in, so what are you waiting for, click here to enroll.  Don’t forget to share this great promotion with your friends!

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