Ninja Master Slot

Ninja Master Slot

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Ninja Master Slot

As the Ninja Master says “Sharpen up your Katana!” because the Ninja Master Slot game is just loaded with action. This 5 reel 20 line slot game from Skill on Net plays much bigger than that because it is a Pays Both Ways which means you can win with symbols from left to right as well as right to left which makes the game so much more fun. This style of game really builds up the anticipation of every spin because you always have a chance to win until the last reel stops.

This 3D Animated Slot game has some mind blowing graphics, one moment the Ninja is in a Zen meditation pose and the next he is whipping about a pair of nun-chucks, we had as much fun watching him as the reels. This is a very easy game as there are no scatters or bonus rounds, just the Wild Ninja Master and lots of free spins with multipliers. Most of the games from Skill on Net have incredible animation and you can access their entire suite of games by registering with the Slots Magic Casino which offers hundreds of online casino games for free play or to play for real cash winnings.

The Ninja Master is Wild and we were pleased that he shows up quite often and with every appearance he grants from 1-4 Free Spins, to make this even more exciting is that a Descending Multiplier Bar is applied to every Free Spin Bonus. This is a descending multiplier bar so it is important to strike fast and win big just like a Ninja. If you are lucky to win the 4 free spins then your first spin contains a 5X Wild Ninja Multiplier and you next spin he drops to 4X and so forth. Getting addition Ninja wilds during the free spin greatly increases your chances of a big payout, early on we earned 167.10 coins on a 10 coin bet.

The Ninja Master slot game is a different style of game than most of the other games from Skill on Net, we experienced lots of winning paylines and the free spin bonus appears quite often. The graphics are as always unbelievable and you will really want to try the Double Up Feature and see the Ninja use the Katana to open up your bag of gold (or maybe rice). Be careful on the Double Up Feature as it is so much fun to play we tended to keep going till we lost is all!

The Wild Ninja Slot plays very well in the Auto Play Mode because it continues to play thru the free spin modes and you can let it play through the entire cycle without any stoppage. We were impressed with how often the Ninja Master appeared and if you are the type who likes to see lots of smaller winning paylines than this game is for you.

The Ninja Master slot shows that the Skill on Net is a market leader with their advanced graphics and the descending multiplier bonus feature is a nice touch. We must admit we had as much fun watching the Ninja Master as in playing the game. This is but one of many Skill on Net games and you can gain access to their entire suite of games by registering at the Slots Magic Casino where you can play for fun or for real winnings by clicking here.