Multi-hand Blackjack from Pragmatic Play rocks!

Multi-hand Blackjack from Pragmatic Play rocks!

Have you ever been in a land based casino and see a High Roller who has control of an entire table where they are the only one allowed to sit at the table and they can play as many hands as they like? The folks from Pragmatic Play now allow you to do the same with their Multi-Hand Blackjack game which you can play for free by clicking here.  At a glance you can tell this is a superior online blackjack game with it’s antique design and all the options you would find in a Las Vegas table.

The first thing you will notice when you look at the table is that there are 4 available hands and a coin selection from $1 up to $100 but in fact the maximum bet is $50 on any hand. This is an extremely flexible game and will allow you to bet an amount from $1 up to $50 on each hand. For example our last hand bets were $1, $25, $35 and $50 and once you hit deal you get to play out each hand just like at a regular blackjack table.

The game plays exactly like a table in a land base casino and you have the options of Hit, Stand, Split, Double and when appropriate take Insurance. The game Pays 3:2 on a Blackjack and 2:1 on Insurance, the Dealer must hit on 17. The graphics on this game are amazing, the cards are dealt quickly and they even have a Re-bet feature to make the game flow easier. The best way to play this game is to register for free at the Spartan Online Casino who have this exact Multi-hand Blackjack game for free play and for real money play.

Registering at an online casino such as the Spartan Casino is easy to do and takes only a couple of minutes. As a member you will then gain free access to their entire suite of casino games as well as be able to receive Free Casino Comps such as invitations to Guaranteed Tournaments or play their Premium Games which are only available to members.

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