Living in the Decade of Knowledge!

Living in the Decade of Knowledge!

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We all should take a moment to appreciate that we are now living in what history will no doubt dub as “The Decade of Knowledge” because never in the history of mankind has the common man had instant access to so much free knowledge.  This decade starting with 2010 is the true information age because a large part of the world’s knowledge has been digitized and made easily available via smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.

We did not magically get to this point and if I had to pinpoint a starting place then I would say it started with AOL and the “We got Mail” phenomena back in 1989. This was the first easy, cheap and reliable home access to the internet. The creation of this new audience became the driving force for the development of all the websites which now contain the digital knowledge of the world.  In a 2-week period in 2008 over 2 Million people downloaded the latest version of AOL and current estimates put the number of active websites at over 1 Billion!

The final missing piece fell into place with the creation of the smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices that allow us to tap into this incredible resource we now call the Internet. Not only has this decade seen an explosion in the sales of smartphones but we have seen many more devices access the net directly to improve our everyday life. For example, most e-book readers now have an online feature that enable you to tap any word and you can instantly get the definition and in some cases the pronunciation.  No longer do you need to guess what a word means or how to say it because you have instant access to real knowledge.

This is a very important point to be made, this is the “Decade of Knowledge” because not only is all this knowledge available but it is actually being accessed millions of times every day by individuals like you and me.  In this decade, we have seen giant strides made to improve our access to the magical cloud that holds this vast wealth of data and the introduction of the Amazon Echo (Superbowl 2016) is just the first of many personal assistant apps/products that we can expect to see.

The Personal Assistant now comes in many shapes and forms but was first introduced to the world with the birth of Siri by Apple back in October of 2011 and is now a core component of all IOS devices. We no longer need to type our requests anymore because we can verbally communicate directly with the cloud via our smartphones, tablets, Personal Assistants and even get directions from our car.

The Personal Assistant is in its infancy stage and now has three major players fighting for dominance. IOS has their Siri product (Oct 2011), Google has the Google Now (July 2012) and Microsoft has Cortana (April 2014) and we expect others to jump into this race.

In this decade alone we have seen the following Milestones:


  • Apple releases iPhone 4
  • Nearly 300 Million new smartphones sold globally.


  • Nokia releases first commercially successful Windows smartphones.
  • Apple introduces Siri.


  • Introduction of G4 network with incredible increase of network speed.
  • Over 1 Billion activated smartphones
  • Google introduces Google Now personal assistant


  • Sale of smartphones surpasses the sale of traditional cell phone for the first time.
  • 4th quarter 65% of the United States households own a smartphone.


  • Microsoft introduces Cortana personal assistant.


  • 4th Quarter smartphone sales exceed 403 million units.
  • Windows releases Windows 10 mobile to integrate with Windows 10 OS


  • Amazon introduces Amazon Echo Personal Assistance during Superbowl 50
  • Siri – Cortana – Google Now battle for personal assistant market.
  • Over 1 Billion active online websites.

The most exciting thing about the Decade of Knowledge is how much this is changing our lives and in a positive way. Productivity is way up because we can do more things because we have instant access to more useful knowledge like how to replace a faucet or install an outdoor light sensor.  There is an unlimited amount of how-to do videos on nearly every subject and they are instantly available and in most instances they are free.

Keep in mind the Decade of Knowledge can just as easily be described as the Decade of Fun because we have never had access to so much of free entertainment be it watching movies on YouTube, to sharing on Facebook or even playing free online casino games.

It is now the last quarter of 2016 and we are right in the middle of the Decade of Knowledge and this is a very good time to stop and smell the roses because a 100 years from now people will reflect on what a fantastic and exciting decade this was!

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