Early Payout Blackjack

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Decks: 1
Players: 1
Side Bet: Pairs
Double: Yes on any
Split: Yes
Even Money: Yes
Split Aces: Yes + one card
Insurance: Yes
Early Payout: Yes
Software: Vuetec
US Players: Yes
Minimum Side Bet: 0.50
Minimum Chip: 0.01
Maximum Chip: 1000
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Early Payout Blackjack

Over the years the game of blackjack has taken on many variations to spice up the game play and attract new players. You can see many of these variations at your favorite tables in Vegas as well as at your favorite online casinos. Early Payout Blackjack is brought to you by the folks at Lucky Live Casino and they have taken their standard Lucky Casino Blackjack game and added the early payout feature.

Right away you know something is different because you have three choices of where to place your bets or for the more ambitious you can bet at two or even all three seats. The standard blackjack game at Lucky Live Casino has the Square Pairs side bet which is also part of this game.

Early Blackjack Payout gives the player an opportunity to cash in their hand prior to taking any hits or making any decisions. The play goes like this, a hand(s) are dealt with an up card to the dealer and two cards to each player. Depending on the cards the player may get the option for an early payout determined automatically by the game. If your hand has the better odds of beating the dealers hand than your payout will be higher than your original bet, if your odds of beating the dealer is less the your offer will be lower than your original bet and you can surrender for that lower amount. Sometimes when they hands are so close there is no early payout offered.

A very interesting feature of this game is that if you do take the early payout the game will still auto play out the hand so you can see in fact if you made the best choice. This brings a whole new level of gambling to the game of blackjack but please keep this in mind, the Casino rarely if ever introduces something new unless it is in their best interest. You can be assured the game is built to increase the house advantage at every stage over the traditional blackjack game.

We found this game interesting and applaud all new attempts to add to the excitement of blackjack, this game already has an exciting side bet with the Pairs Bet and the surrender takes it to another level. We recommend trying the game for free, if it appeals to you take advantage of the generous new player bonuses offered below.

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