Duel Machine Jumbo Joker Slot

Duel Machine Jumbo Joker Slot

The folks at Betsoft Gaming have really put a twist to their new Jumbo Joker Slot game. Right away you will know this is something special as you will see this game contains two Classic slot games. Both are Classic 3 Reel, 5 Payline slots with the bottom being a lower pay and the top being a High Roller game. You can try the demo game here but it is best to play this at an online casino such as the Vegas Crest Casino where you can play in full screen mode!

The Jumbo Joker is no ordinary slot, the goal is to play the High Roller game where you can really win some big jackpots. This is a risk to reward game so be prepared to be patient as this is a game were a good run really pays off.

The game starts with the bottom game and you need a 20 coin higher win in order to move up to Jumbo Mode game. A good hint here is to play the maximum amount of coins just like a video poker game.

The Jumbo Mode game has additional symbols and enhanced features for the Mystery Prize which is a random reward anywhere from 21 – 2000 coins. The Mystery Prize is much more attainable in the Jumbo mode and is just one of the reasons you want to move up to that level.

This is a game of control as you can cash out your Jumbo Meter at any times. Too many times we got carried away and had a big volume and next thing we knew it was empty! Part of the fun is watching the cash out take place. We built ours up to 600 coins and were very pleased to collect it!  Click here to try the demo mode or check out the Free Casino Bonus at Vegas Crest Casino to play for real!

Jumbo Joker Slot Jumbo Win

Have fun and good luck!
The Casino Games Team

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