Caribbean Draw Poker RTG

Caribbean Draw Poker

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Decks: 1
Players: 1
Royal Flush: 100:1
Straight Flush: 50:1
4 OAK: 20:1
Flush: 7:1
Straight: 3:1
3 OAK: 2:1
Progressive Jackpot: Yes
Progressive Bet: $1
US Players: Yes
Software: Real Time Gaming
Minimum coin value: $1.00
Maximum bet value: $100.00
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Caribbean Draw Poker

Caribbean Draw Poker is one of the most popular online poker games because it plays perfectly on your desktop computer. The folks at Real Time Gaming have captured the essence of the game and it feels like you are sitting at a table in Vegas. This game is 1-1 where you play a single hand against the dealer and the dealer needs a pair of 8’s or better to qualify to play the hand out. If the dealer does not qualify you win your Ante.The Draw Poker game from RTG plays just like the table game including a substantial progressive jackpot which is proudly displayed in the top right corner of the table. Chips on the table are $1 – $500 and the betting limits are from $1 – $100 per hand so there is a play for all bankrolls.

The poker game begins with the Player selecting the chip amount to Ante and deciding whether or not to play the progressive game. The progressive costs $1 and the slot is pre-loaded, just click it and you are in. The dealer does not have to qualify for you to win the progressive and you win with the following hands: Royal Flush: 100% Jackpot, Straight Flush: 10% Jackpot, 4 of a kind: $500, Full House: $100 and a Flush: $75. You do not have to beat the dealer you just have to finish the hand to collect a progressive win. Keep in mind, although the progressive adds great fun to the game the odds are heavily in favor of the house.

The hand is dealt with the Players’ five cards up and the dealer has four cards down and one up. The Player then decides whether to fold or to bet, here is a big tip, NEVER FOLD! This is a very common misplay in this game; the dealer will not qualify 48% of the time so you should always play your hand regardless of your cards. You get to discard up to two cards, the dealer does the same and the hand plays out.

.The dealer must qualify with a pair of 8’s or higher, if the dealer does not qualify the player wins the Ante and the actual Bet is not played through, it is as if the hand did not exist. If the dealer does qualify the game is decided by the best hand, if the dealer wins they collect the Bet and the Ante, if the Player wins they collect the Ante and the Bet according to the winning payout chart displayed on the left hand side of the game. A royal flush pays out 100:1 where as a single winning pair is paid out at 1:1.

Our review team liked the Caribbean Draw Poker game from RTG, we especially liked how easily this game plays; you can change your bet, take back a bet, and play the progressive with just one click. The game plays flawlessly and is even more fun if you set up a free online gaming account. These US friendly casinos are currently offering very generous welcome bonuses to new players, Captain Jack Casino, Club World Casino and Win Palace Casino. Sign up for free, practice for fun and if you feel lucky you can play for real!

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