Bonus Poker Deluxe Game Review

Bonus Poker Deluxe Video PokerPlay Now casino games

Players: 1
Hands: 1
Royal Flush: 4000 – 1
Straight Flush: 250 – 1
4 Of a Kind: 400 – 1
Full House: 40 – 1
Flush: 30 – 1
Straight: 20 – 1
Global Friendly: Yes
Software: Realtime Gaming

Bonus Poker Deluxe Game Review

Most people end up playing a Bonus Poker video poker game for the first time by accident. They sit at a machine, put in the money and start playing and then notice something is different. At first they may think they are at a lower paying machine like an 8/6 then they notice the payout lines for 4 of a kind (4 OAK) are 400:1 where on a standard Jacks or Better the payout is 125:1 and that is where the excitement begins. Bonus Poker Deluxe is simply another version of the traditional Jacks or Better video poker game which can be found in most brick and mortar casinos and online casinos. The game developed by Realtime Gaming plays exactly as the one you would find in any Las Vegas type casino. The payouts are in line with what you would expect within a standard casino.

If four of a kind is what you like then Bonus Poker Deluxe is the game for you. This game has changed the payout table to increase the payout for any 4 OAK to 400:1 but the trade off is a lower payout for the 2 pair which only pays out at 1:1. Some players really enjoy going for the 4 Of a Kind and if this is you than you must play this game.

We liked the ability to play this game online for free and learn the strategy of playing Bonus Poker Deluxe, due to the higher payout of the 4 OAK it only makes sense to try alter your strategy. This game differs from the standard Bonus Poker in that all 4 OAK receive the same payout.

Our review team likes the Bonus Poker Deluxe video poker game because four of a kind not only is fun to win, it actually happens fairly often. We think you will like it as well and you can play for free online by clicking here.