WhoSpunIt? Slot


WhoSpunIt? Slot
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WhoSpunIt! Features

  • USA Friendly
  • Mobile and Desktop
  • Instant Play

WhoSpunIt! Basics

  • Game Type : 3D Animated Slots
  • Software : Betsoft Gaming
  • Reels : 5
  • Paylines : 30
  • Free Spins : 10 + a Bonus Feature
  • Level Up Feature : 3 levels
  • RTP : 97.64%


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WhoSpunIt? Slot Game Review

The best way to describe the  WhoSpunIt? Slot game from Betsoft Gaming is to combine the thrill of a Murder Mystery game and build in the excitement of a multilevel slot game and then design it with the skill of a Lucas film production and you start to get an idea of what this game is all about. This may be the most advanced 3D Animated slot game that we have ever played!

The WhoSpunIt? Slot will appeal to those players who want much more than a few bells and whistles when playing slots, this is more of an adventure slot game and we must admit we have seen few games if any that can match this for such a well developed tale. The story evolves around five suspects Miss Ellie, Dr. Van Austren, Mr. Wellington, Mish Chatham and Covington who is the Footman of the Manor. There is a murder at the manor and you must collect clues, move up levels, and solve the murder while winning money along the way.

One of the many features which makes this such an intriguing slot is the 5 minute timer that starts with your first spin, this puts you in the the Detective Mode where you will be collecting random clues as you spin and at the end of the timer you will turn these clues into a free spin mode. During this free spin mode the symbols changed depending on the level you are in and you will then start to collect symbols which will advance you through three levels which are the Room Level, Weapons Level and the Clues Level. The timer feature puts a real sense of urgency into this game which builds the excitement as you want to gather as many clues (free spins) for the next feature.

Our favorite feature of the WhoSpunIt? Slot game is the character Free Spin Mode which is triggered when you get one of the characters on each reel. This initiates a free spin bonus round where you get to choose one of the characters and each character has a unique bonus feature such as Extra Wilds, a Bonus Multiplier or even a Pays Both Way Feature. The game allows you to move you curser over each character to get a brief bio as well as a a detail description of the bonus feature. The animation that goes along with each of these unique bonus rounds is fantastic and you will want to play them all!

The apex of the WhoSpunIt? Slot game is achieved when you have completed all three levels and you have gotten the Evidence Symbol to appear on the center symbol of the center reel. This will initiate the final bonus mode where you have an opportunity to choose and interrogate your final suspect for yet even more bonus rewards.

The WhoSpunIt? Slot is without a doubt one of the most advanced online slots our team has ever played and we must warn you it is easy to get caught up in the story line and forget you are even playing an online slot but keep in mind this is a real full functioning slot game with all the risks and rewards that come with it.

Like most of the Betsoft games the WhoSpunIt? slot has the Auto Play Mode and a Double Bet feature. Our Team at Casino Games normally enjoys the auto play feature but due to the timer it was more fun to just manually spin away. The Double Up feature which is available after every win is very fun due to the fact that each character can have the opportunity to toss the coin which is yet even more incredible 3D animation. The game pauses for the timer for the Double Up Features so we must admit we used this quite often just to see the show!

The WhoSpunIt? slot game has the most 3D animation that we have seen in any online slot game, the fact that there are so many suspects has enabled the designers a lot of opportunity to ply their trade. Playing the demo mode here at Casino Games is a good way to test a game but it in no way compares to how well a game can play at an online casino such as the Vegas Crest Casino. Playing within the casino opens ups extra features such as full screen mode which completely changes the perspective of the game and once you have gone full screen you will never want to go back.

If you like a story line to go with your casino action then you will love the WhoSpunIt? slot game. The best way to play this game and all the great slots from Betsoft Gaming is at a casino such as the Vegas Crest Casino. Joining a casino is easy to do and only takes a couple of minutes and as a member you will have access to their entire suite of games which you can play for fun or real cash winnings! New members can collect a Free Casino Bonus just for signing up and as a member you will be eligible to take advantage of the free Casino Comps that membership brings! Register here and see why millions of people from around the globe play online every day.

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