Weekly Casino Races at Videoslots Casino

Weekly Casino Races at Videoslots Casino

If you have not heard about the Casino Races held each week the Videoslots Online Casino then your are in for a treat. In today’s competitive online gaming market the Casinos have been forced to find creative and rewarding ways to gain and retain online players and the weekly Casino Races is one of them most original and popular promotions.

Each week a new Casino Race starts and all of the real money members at the Videoslots Casino get to compete for a prize pool of $50,000, and the top 4864 players will win a cash reward. To participate all you need to do is play a real money slot game for at lease €0.02 a spin to start collecting Spin Awards and the person who collects the most spins at the end of the week will collect the top prize of €500! There is no need to enroll or play a special game this is based solely on volume of play and if you have a game you like and you have the time to play then you should be in the running for a reward.

Not all spins are created equal in the Casino Races and the higher your spin amount the higher your reward or the larger amount of spins you collect. The minimum qualifying spin is €0.02 and each of these count as one spin but if you happen to play a slot for over €1 them each spin will count for 2 spins and if you play a machine for €3 or more a spin then each spin will count for 3 spins.

What really makes the Casino Races Weekly promotion so exciting is that you can see in real time the rankings for the present races. The fact that they payout 4864 players deep is really quite amazing and even a small payout feels like a win. This is but one of the great benefits people receive as a member of an online casino. Take a few minutes to open and account at the Videoslots casino and collect a free bonus so that you can join the races too!


Have fun and good luck,

The Casino Games Team

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