Treasure Run Slot

Treasure Run Slot 


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Treasure Run Slot

The Treasure Run Slot game from Tom Horn gaming is a Classic 3 reel online slot on steroids. Although our team is a big fan of the Classic games we sometimes want that extra boost and the Treasure Run gives us a Turbo Boost! This game has an Indiana Jones type theme and for a 5 line slot it packs a lot of action.

As a Classic Slot Machine the game symbols include your standard single, double and triple bars along with a stack of gold coins which is the highest value of the standard symbols. The secret sauce of this game is the Blue  Diamond (the rarest of gems) and not only is it Wild but it also has some special payout bonuses.

The Blue Diamond is in fact a Wild Blue Diamond Multiplier symbol and any wins with this are automatically doubled and when you get two diamonds on a line your Winnings are Quadrupled! The Blue Diamond is a fantastic wild symbol because it stands out so well and as soon as you see one appear the anticipation builds because you know big opportunities are coming!

The goal of the Treasure Run Slot is of course to win money and the way to do this is to get three of the Blue Diamonds on a winning payline and in this slot which line matters as each have their own Triple Diamond payout. Get three diamonds on the 1st line and earn 1000 coins, the 2nd 1200, the 3rd 1400, the 4th 1600 and the 5th will instantly win you a whopping 2400 coins!

The Treasure Run slot is truly a global friendly game and to prove this all you need to do is click on the Menu then Options tab and you will see a drop down language menu showing 12 different languages ranging from English to Chinese to Slovenian. Other options in the menu include volume controls where you can mute what you don’t want to hear. One of the most unique options is the statistics feature which shows you how many spins you’ve made (this may shock you), your time of play and your biggest win! These are calculated on your most recent session.

We found the most fun way to play the Treasure Run was to use the Auto Play Feature which will allow you to sit back and enjoy. The Treasure Run slot plays fairly fast and in the auto mode we were playing nearly 20 games a minute which is a great pace that allows you to enjoy the game and keeps things exciting.This online slot is available to a large range as players as the coin value can be set as low at €0.02 or up to €1.00. This means that you can spin for as little as €0.10 or up to €5.00 for you High Rollers.

Our Team really enjoyed playing the Treasure Run slot and we were caught by surprised when we looked at the stats to see how long we played (it was really fun). The game has a tremendous amount of small spins which keeps you entertained while you wait for that big win or Quadruple payout.

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