Top Rated UK Licensed Casinos

Top Rated UK Licensed Casinos

The UK Gambling Commission issues the strictest of all gaming licenses and is considered the Gold Standard in online gaming licensing. Companies wishing to advertise within the UK and offer gaming services to their residents must have a UK Gambling Commission license. The Gambling Commission seal is usually displayed at the bottom of the online casinos. Click here to see our recommended UK Licensed Casinos.

Although the Gaming Commission have licensed 100’s (if not more) of online casinos it is not always easy finding them. In addition, just because a casino is licensed does not insure that it is a quality casino. Therefore we have composed a recommended UK Licensed Casinos list to help our UK visitors find quality licensed sites.

This list includes established sites such as and newer casinos such as the JoReels Casino. These casinos have proven to not only have a license but to have great games, top rated customer service and a proven track record when making payouts. We will be adding casino to this section (and removing if necessary) addition casinos as time goes on. This is a good place to start if you are in the UK and are looking for quality online casinos. You can also find our UK Casino Bonus section to be a good place to find the best incentive package.

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