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Savannah King Slot 


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Savannah King Slot

The first impression we got when we viewed Savannah King slot game was stunning, the animals seem to leap from the screen and this game instantly transported us to an African Savannah. This  5 reel 15 line slot game from Tom Horn Gaming has everything we like to see in an online slot including Wilds + Scatters + Multipliers and Free Spins. With each win all the non winning animal symbols are shaded out and only with winning animals remain and you hear a clicking of a camera shutter to give you the impression of taking pictures on your own African Savannah. It is attention to details like this that make the Tom Horn Games so good!  The animals found in this game include the Elephant, Giraffe, Zebra and Gazelle, the Lion is Wild and showed up quite often.

You can play the demo game instantly here at the Casino Games site but the best way to enjoy this game is to register an account at the Fortune Jack Casino where as a member you will gain access to their entire suite of games which you can play for fun or for real winnings. Playing directly from a casino has other benefits including a full screen option where the game takes on a whole new perspective.

The Savannah King Slot is all about the free spin bonus and all you need is three of the Great Tree Scatter symbols anywhere on the screen to trigger the Free Spin Bonus Feature. The more scatters you get the higher your Free Multiplier is, with three scatters you have a 2X Muliliplier, with four scatters you have a 3X Multiplier and with five scatters you get to play your 10 Free spins with a 5X Multiplier! Multipliers make all the difference in a free spin bonus and any multiplier is welcome but a 5X is very generous and worth waiting for! Too make the bonus round even more exciting the folks at Tom Horn have added a 2nd Bonus Symbol, The Green Diamond, and any wins using the Diamond Wild are automatically Doubled!

All online slots operate on a Random Generator and sometimes your lucky and sometimes your not and we had to wait a long time before we triggered the bonus round but fortunately we got plenty of small wins to keep our attention while we waited for the real action. When we finally hit the bonus round we were a bit disappointed because we only received a 2X Multiplier but fortunately the addition of the Double Diamond Multiplier saved the day. Getting the Diamond and the Lion Wild on the same line really pays off and our €7.50 spin ended up winning €195.00!

Although most people do not think about it the sound effects of an online slot play a big part in making a good game great and the sound designers at Tom Horn are masterful at it. The Savannah King is one of the best examples of this as the subtle sounds of the Savannah play in the background and it is most notable with the build up to a pending strike of a bonus round. Every time a Great Tree symbol appears it is introduced by a ping, a second tree initiates the build up of speed and with it the anticipation of unlocking a bonus round. These things all take place in the background and we as players are not even consciously aware but it all adds to the experience of bringing the game to life.

One of the features we liked about the Savannah King slot is that it contains Epic Symbols, these are symbols that have extraordinary high payouts and will pay out with only two symbols on an active payline. The Lion symbol is the  highest paying epic symbol and five off these on a winning payline will instantly reward you with 5,000x your coin value and four on a payline will still pay a very generous 1,000x. The Elephant and Giraffe are also epic symbols with large rewards.

Like most  of the Tom Horn Games this has the Gamble Option where you can double your win by picking the color, red or black, of a randomly chosen card. We found the most fun way to play the Savannah King was to use the Auto Play Feature which will allow you to sit back and enjoy the game and when you do trigger a bonus round the game pauses to ensure you get to enjoy the most exciting part of the game.

Our Team was immersed while playing the Savannah King slot and the ability to build up anticipation on every spin is one of the reasons this game is so popular. Anytime you can get the chance to play a bonus round with  Free Spins + Multipliers + Additional Wild Symbols is a big win in our book.

The Savannah King Slot is available for free play to all players and is a Mobile Friendly game which means you can play this game anywhere you have an internet connection. It plays great on your home computer and on your smartphone and tablets so if you are connected you can play!

The best way to play this slot is to register for free for at an online casino such as the Fortune Jack Casino, as a member you will gain access to their entire suite of games which your can play for free or for real cash winnings. All new members to Fortune Jack will receive a Free Casino Bonus just for joining.