Roulette Master

Roulette Master

Roulette Master Online Roulette
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Roulette Master Features

  • Global Friendly
  • Mobile & Desktop
  • UK Licensed

Roulette Master Basics

  • Game Type : American Roulette
  • Software : NextGen
  • Specialty Bets : All
  • Straight Bet : 35:1 Odds
  • Split : 17:1 Odds
  • Street : 11:1 Odds
  • Corner : 8:1 Odds
  • Dozens : 2:1 Odds
  • Outside Bets : 1:1 Odds

Roulette Master Game Review

The Roulette Master is an online European Roulette game from NextGen Gaming. Our Team at has reviewed many roulette games and this may be the best laid our game we have played. The table can be customized to your style of play. If you like to bet the specialty games like the Orphans, Cylindre and Voisons you can add the Racetrack to your table top. If you don’t care for these you can remove it and have a cleaner table.

On the right hand side are the controls with drop down windows. Here at a glance you can see the odds for all possible bets and you adjust the heat colors of the numbers to your liking. Another tab lets you see addition statistical charts and it even has a Hot/Cold indicators. The Special Icon is an easy way to place any Special Feature bet with just a click of the mouse.

The Play

First of all, unlike the the Roulette tables found in a brick in mortar casino, you will always find a good seat at the Master Roulette game. The table shows chips ranging from 0.01 up to 2500. The minimum bet per number is 0.o1 and the maximum bet is 10.oo. The minimum table bet is 1.oo and the maximum table bet is 120.00. The ability to bet for a little as a penny is very unusual and many players will find this appealing. The Roulette table is laid out very well and it is easy to change your chip value. Placing the bets are quite easy and the game has a rebet feature for those who like to play the same numbers. Removing your most recent bet or clearing the table can be done with a single click.

One of the things we liked is the amount of customization the Roulette Master gives to the player. From the Control Panel you can nearly every aspect of this game. Adjust the Quality, Sound, Speed and even the color Theme. You can even chose your choice of a Male or Female Voice. Playing in the Turbo mode eliminates the spinning of the wheel, our team preferred the spinning and felt the game played fast enough in the normal mode.

Specialty Bets

Roulette specialty bets are one of the most overlooked features of any casino games. Many players do not even know they exist but the Master Roulette has made them very easy to use. First off their is the option to add the Racetrack containing the Orphans, Cylindre and Voisons right to your table top. For those who like a neater table you can remove it and use the Features Tab.

The Features Tab opens up every conceivable roulette bet including those found on the Racetrack. This Tab expands and offers you 12 of the most popular roulette feature bets. With a click you can place Zero Bets, Black Splits, Serie 5/8 and all the Finale Cheval bets. For new players this is especially exciting as they bets included with each feature are lit up when you hover your cursor on the feature. This way at a glance you can tell what each specialty bet offers.



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Our Team at believes the Roulette Master is the most asthetically pleasing of all roulette games. The graphics are vivid and the wheel is large and positioned in the middle of the screen. The tab controls make it easy to place any concievable bet easily and fast.  We recommend you register for free at the Slots Million Casino and see why this is such a special game. You will also find the Slots Million Casino in our UK Licensed Casinos section.

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