Poker 3 Heads Up Hold’Em

Poker 3 Heads Up Hold’Em Slot

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Poker 3 Heads Up Hold’Em Slot

The Poker 3 Heads Up Hold’Em Slot is a one of a kind Hold’em game from Betsoft Gaming that you have to see to believe. This is the most realist poker game you will ever play just short of playing against a real live dealer. As this is a Betsoft game we know that it is available to all players including those residing in the United States and the best way to play this game is to register (Free Sign Up) for a free account at the Black Diamond Casino where as a member you will have access to their entire suite of games which you can play for fun or for real cash winnings!

What makes the Poker 3 Head Up Hold’em slot so unique is that you are actually playing against an animated 3D dealer. One of our favorite features is that you can choose one of four dealers so just like in a land casino you can change dealers! This Realistic 3D Animated Dealer plays you one on one and it really brings a whole new perspective to the game.

This is a straight up 1-1 Texan Hold’em game of player against the dealer which begins with the player selecting a bet value between $0.20 (Twenty Cents) and up to $100 for you High Rollers. A default dealer is chosen but you can change the dealer and the bet value with every hand. The player clicks the deal button and the players put in the Ante and two cards, face down, are dealt to each player. The Player then has the choice to call or fold, there is no raising which makes this the easiest of Hold’em games.

Although there is no actual raising the bet level does automatically increase. Take for example a player who plays the maximum bet of $100. The Player will Ante $100 and the cards are dealt and if the player wishes to continue they will Call for an additional $100 and a card is dealt. The next Call will be another $100 and a card is dealt. On the 4th card (The Turn) the Call bet is doubled to $200 as is the 5th card (The River). In this example of a $100 initial bet going all the way to the river will result in a pot of $1,400 which is awarded to the winner according to standard poker rules.

Our Team loved this poker game as the 3D Animated Dealer truly personalized the game and even members of our team who are not online poker fans really enjoyed playing. This is one of those games that you will love it or hate it right away and we are betting most of you will love the Poker 3 Head Up Hold’Em slot game.

The Poker 3 Heads Up Hold’Em Slot is one of the most engaging poker games we have ever played. Unlike most of the other Betsoft games this is only available for play on your desktop computer (no mobile at this time) and this may be due to the incredible graphics needed to make this game so lifelike.  To fully appreciate this game we recommend that you join an online casino such as the  Black Diamond Casino who carries this unique poker game along with all the Betsoft games. All new members to Black Diamonond can collect a very generous Free Welcome Bonus just for opening an account. Joining an online casino is easy to do and only takes a couple of minutes, as a member you can gain free access to their entire suite of games which you can play for fun or for real cash winnings, click here to join.