Cheat Sheet to Play Online Casino Games

Cheat Sheet to Play Online Casino Games

By Brian Grady
Internet Consultant
Tuesday July 29, 2014

Mega Moolah logo 200As an internet marketing consultant specializing in online gaming I can empathize with the millions of players out there who just want to go online and play some great casino games. As I now search Google with the key word term “Play online casino games” I receive a mixture of online casinos and some generic gaming sites and some recognizable names like Most of these sites I have to wade through to see if in fact they offer online casino games and if I have any reasonable chance of playing one of these games soon.

The problem is not that there are not enough casino games to be found (there are 1000s) the difficulty is finding them within all the clutter. Online gaming is a very competitive market and casino gaming is even more so but with a few tips you can easily find what you are looking for. Most internet casino games will be found on three types of websites, Gaming websites, Social Media and Online Casinos. Depending on what you want to do you can quickly narrow down your search to find the games you like to play.

Gaming Websites

Gaming Websites are typically stand alone websites that offer either their own proprietary software or are a collection of online casino games that can be played for free or free with a purchase option. A good example of this is the site which offers an assortment of free to play online casino games..  The site is another good example; players at GSN have the option to play 25+ casino games including the popular Deal or No Deal slot game. New players who join their network are rewarded with a free welcome bonus of tokens to play with. Most players however; will find that they will quickly play through their bankroll due to the large cost of each spin. When their coffers are empty the player either has to purchase addition tokens using real cash or wait till the free tokens are replenished. There are no casino real cash games on the GSN site. is also a very popular online gaming website and is owned by the largest manufacturer of gaming machines which is IGT Gaming. If you have been in any Vegas style casino you will recognize their machines which include Cleopatra and Monopoly. Double Down offers a large selection of the IGT games to be played for free and even have a very popular app for Apple and Android mobile users. These games are for free play only and do not offer the visitors the option to play for real money. Players who wish to play these online games for real cash can do so at selective online casinos such as the Mr. Green Casino.

The stand alone gaming websites offer an excellent way to see what types of games are available online and give you an easy way to test and play them. There are many negative reviews for sites which offer games that start out free and then require the player to pay for additional tokens to continue to play. Games which use this method need to have a unique game which has many levels of play and are found more often in the social media sites. Casino only games using this method usually leave the player feeling disappointed, paying to play without the chance of real cash winnings is not a good bet.

Social Gaming

Social Gaming is all the rage with Facebook of course leading the pack. At the time of this writing I count 200 Facebook Apps offering casino style of game play. These games can have millions of online players with Zynga Poker showing over 10 Million registered players! The social games are extremely popular because the games are fantastic, easy to join (just use your Facebook account) and at the beginning they are free!

If you are looking to play online slots in a social environment then this is the place for you. The games are of high quality, they usually are tied into your friend’s network and you can usually play for free. Networks like the My Vegas Slots has over 1 million registered users and most of these games have mobile apps which enable their members to play the games using their existing account while on the road! Keep in mind that these games are built with social media in mind and may not appeal to the casino game player who really loves playing casino games.

Social Gaming sites also use the format of play for free but then require real cash to reach some of the deeper levels of a more intricate game. Fortunately with casino games and online slots you do not have these levels and in most cases you do not have to make any real cash deposits to enjoy the play. There are rewards similar to casino comps in a Vegas type hotel such as complimentary hotel stays, show tickets and Dining Credits but there is no real money play at this time using the Social Gaming platforms.

Online Casinos

If you are like me and you like to play casino games whether it is a hot craps table, a slot machine with all the bells and whistles or even a tradition one arm bandit then an online casino is where you want to be. The online casino industry has evolved over the past few years to become a huge entertainment center for people who like to play casino games. Vegas and Monte Carlo is not a fluke, people love to gamble both for fun and for real cash and the industry has stepped up and delivered some fine places to play.

If you are looking for the best available online casino games then you must visit or join an internet based casino. The reasons are quite simple, it takes a lot of money to develop and maintain a high quality casino game such as the Mega Millions Jackpot or to run a huge poker network like Poker Stars and the online casinos have the capitol to invest.

Online casinos such as Spin Palace or the Slotand Casino have now been actively taking players for more than 10 years (some for 15+). Their members are treated much in the same way a brick and mortar casino caters to their clientele by offering VIP club services, members’ only tournaments and free promotions.

One of the newest developments that have now become a standard practice is that most online casinos allow their members to join for free and be able to play most of their games for free. This has been a boon to the casual casino player who wants to try the games for free but was required to actually set up a cash account to do so, that barrier no longer exists.

Another area of contention was that many of the online casinos block certain countries from joining their casinos with the folks from the United States being affected the most. This has been addressed by several well known casinos like the Win Palace Casino and Casino to have an open door policy for US players who want to gamble online like the rest of the world. These casinos and others even have specially trained customer support departments available 24/7 to assist the US players in setting up new accounts so that the play online.


Although this is a pretty long “cheat sheet” I would say that the online gaming industry has evolved into a dynamic entertainment niche that is available to all types of casino playing fans. If you are just looking to pass some time you can visit one of the many Gaming Websites and with a few clicks you are playing one of hundreds of online slots. For the more social the Facebook games have every type of game you would find in a land based casino and more. Keep in mind that for the most part the Social and Gaming websites are not for real money play at this time.

For you true fans of the game, and I mean those of you who think Las Vegas is an ideal vacation, or if you can’t wait to play the latest and greatest casino game then you need to join an online casino. In today’s world it is easy to join for free or if you are inclined you can open a real cash account and collect a free casino bonus. Finding an online casino is fairly easy, there are many sites such as which provides free casino game reviews and online casino reviews complete with country availability and bonus offers. I hope this has helped you to improve your online gaming experience, the internet casino gaming sector is still in the early stages of development and will continue to expand into new and better territories.

Good Luck and Have Fun,

The Casino Games Team

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