Play Baccarat online now!

Live-Baccarat-200x150Many people shy away from Baccarat because they don’t know how to play when in fact it is one of the EASIEST casino games in the world to play and you can try instantly for free by clicking here.  The folks at Realtime Gaming have created an excellent internet baccarat game that plays exactly as a table in Las Vegas.  From our Baccarat Review page you simply click on the Tie, Banker or Player to place your bet, that’s it, you are playing Baccarat!

Baccarat is all about mystique, James Bond and all that  but in fact all you have to do is pick who you think will win.  You don’t have any say in how the cards are dealt, there is no hit or decisions to be made just how much you want to bet and who do you think will win.  The only difference between the your three choices is your payout odds which are straight forward.  If you bet on the Player you return is 1-1, if you bet on the Bank it is roughly 1-1 minus 5% and if you bet on a Tie it is 9-1.

Play now and you will find that there is no fear in playing this game, get used to the odds, see how the hand is played out so that next time you are in a Casino and you see a Mini Baccarat table you can go rub shoulders with the rest of them.  The game is fun, it is free to play and it is US friendly so everybody can play!

Good luck and have fun!

The Casino Games Team

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