Octopus Multihand Blackjack

Royale Blackjack

Royal Blackjack
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Royale Blackjack Features

  • USA Friendly
  • Mobile & Desktop
  • Play Up To 4 Unique Hands

Royale Blackjack Basics

  • Game Type : Blackjack
  • Software : Octopus Gaming
  • Multiple Hands : Up To Hands
  • Unique Bet Amount / Hand : $1 - $100
  • Split Cards : Yes
  • Double : Yes
  • Dealers Stays : Any 17
  • Insurance : Pays 2-1
  • Blackjack : Pays 3-1

Royale Blackjack

200% Match Bonus + 25 Free Spins - USA Friendly Casino

Octopus Multihand Blackjack Review

The Octopus Multihand Blackjack game from Octopus Gaming is one of the best multihand game we have ever reviewed. This game is available to all players as is Global Friendly (USA Friendly) as well as Mobile Friendly. This means the Octopus Multihand Blackjack game can be played on a home computer in Los Angeles as easily as on an iPhone in a park in Paris. The mobile version is what really sets this game as there are so few mobile multihand games.

Full Feature Blackjack

The thing we like most about the Octopus Multihand Blackjack game is that it plays just like a table you would find in Las Vegas. The thing, in Vegas, you have to be a very high roller to be able to guarantee yourself a one on one table against the dealer. You have option to Hit, Stand, and where appropriate Double or Split your cards. You are even offered insurance when the dealer gets an Ace and this pays 2:1.

All the standard rules apply and the dealer needs to stand on any 17. A Blackjack to the Player pays out the customary 3:2. If you have never been able to play on a one on one table against the dealer, and few have, then you will really get a kick out of this game. The ability to put a unique bet on each hand makes this game all the more exciting.


The Octopus Multihand Blackjack game is very flexible and is available to all level of players. Chip values range from 1 up to 100 which makes your minimum bet $1 and the maximum $50. A Blackjack pays out at 3:2 and the dealer must stand on any 17. You can also so turn the background sounds on or off. What we liked best is you can change your dealers voice from Male to Female with a click of a mouse!

Free Bonus

The best way to play any casino game is to join an online casino. As a member you will gain access to hundreds of exciting online casino games. We recommend you play the Octopus Multihand Blackjack at the Rich Casino which carries all of the Octopus games as well as several other brands. New members can collect a Free Match Bonus up to 200% on their first deposit!