Multi Hand Jacks or Better Poker for Free!

Multi Hand Jacks or Better Poker for Free!

Ever played 52 hands of video poker at the same time?  You can do so now by clicking here!  This fantastic Jacks or Better poker machine plays just like any game you would find in your local casino.  Bet One or Bet the Max (always bet the max for better odds) and deal your hand.  From your five cards you get to hold your best and draw, you will see 52 hand played out all keeping your original cards!  This game is so exciting especially when you get dealt a winning hand such as three of a kind.  Imagine have 52 WINNING three of a kind hands before you even draw for more!

We have never found such an easy way to play online poker, you just click and play.  This game is available to players all over the world and using most mobile devices.  You can play on your home computer, on an iPad/iPhone or on your favorite Android or Windows smart phone and tablets. Now you can get the newest games by joining our newsletter and be the first to play the hottest online games.

Thanks and have fun,

The Casino Games Team

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