Marvel Mystery Slots are going away!

If recent reports hold true the great Marvel Comic Theme games such as The Incredible Hulk and the Fantastic Four may be going away. These awesome online slots are part of the Marvel Progressive Slots family and they also include Elektra and Blade which all combine to create great jackpots.

The story is this, a few years back the Marvel brand was purchased by the Walt Disney Company (as in Disneyland) and for a while nothing had changed but recently they announced they would not renew the lease to allow Playtech or anybody use these themes for slot games. What this means is that as the leases expire over the next few years the games as we know them will cease to exists but you still have time to play!

Check out all of our Theme Slots in the new Game Central section and play these games while you still can, did we mention this also includes our favorite Iron Man2 slots!

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