Madder Scientist a whole new type of online slot

Our review team just added the review for the Madder Scientist slot game and it has some features we have NEVER seen before. If you like playing slots you know the feeling of seeing the symbols start to drop and the “Oh No” feeling when you miss a big payout by just one reel. You miss the 5 of a kind by one or that last reel does not complete a bonus round and you just want another chance. Now you can get it with the Re-Spin feature on the Madder Scientist slot game from Betsoft Gaming.

The Re Spin Feature actually allows you to select any reel after a completed spin to choose it and for a price give it and only that reel another spin. As you click on the reel you can actually see the cost to make that reel spin again and each reel has a different cost. This is something that is easier to show rather than explain and you can play the game instantly by clicking here.

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