Lucky Live Roulette

Lucky Live Roulette

Straight off let us say our review team thought we knew all about Roulette and in just a few minutes we learned that it is a much more exciting game than just picking a number or a color.  There is a reason why live online casino games are all the rage right now and Roulette is the most popular live casino game on the planet.

The folks at Lucky Live Casino are one of the first websites to come out with a live desktop computer game that allows you to see the  roulette wheel spin in real time.  You can even hear as the ball drops into and bounces around the wheel.  They have two separate locations you can play roulette while visiting the Lucky Live Online Casino the first is at the Fitzwilliam Casino in Dublin Ireland and the other is the Palace Casino on the Isle of Man.

Both of these locations offer the European Roulette game which features only one zero and actually has better odds for you the player than the American Roulette which has both a single and a double zero.  You are actually watching as the real wheel is spun in a land based casino, you can even see patrons at the casino approach the wheel.

This game is for everybody because you can choose your chip value starting at .01 (1 Euro Cent) all the way up to a 1,000 Euro chip.   The minimums per bet are also reasonable with it being .50 per number or 5 Euro per color.  What we found so exciting was all the betting options that are easily available, every bet you would find at a land based casino is available here with just a click of the mouse.

If you are like us, all the activity at a land base roulette table can be a bit intimidating but playing on an online live Roulette Table is extremely fun and you have the time and the ability to take advantage of all the playing options.  Just to give you an idea, with the click of the mouse you can place the following online roulette wagers:   Straight bet/Line Bet/Corner Bet/5 Bet/Column Bet/Red/Black/Even/Odd/or High /Low.

They also have the Orphelins Bet, the Tier Bets and the Voisons du Zero Bets which are all standard European Roulette wagers that our game review team knew nothing about.  That is what makes this live Roulette game so great, you can learn the fun intricacies of playing roulette at your own pace, you can learn and play for fun by clicking here and then open a real money account, collect a free welcome bonus and play for real chips!

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Lucky Live roulette game
Locations: 2
Live Roulette Host: Yes
Straight Bets: Yes
Exotic Bets: Yes
Corner Bets: Yes
Tier Bets: Yes
Odd/Even: Yes
Red/Black: Yes
Snake Bet : Yes
Split Bet: Yes
Minimum Chip: €0.01
Maximum Chip: €1000
US Friendly: No
Game Software: Vuetec
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