Play Casino Games Instantly on an iPad

Play Casino Games instantly on your iPad

ipad-slotsI have searched long and hard to answer this simple question, where can I go and play online casino games like slots and blackjack instantly on my iPad?  When I say instantly I mean tap and play, no software to download, no apps to install and no registration.The short answer is Click Here and if you are on an iPad this will take you directly to the mobile version of the site where you can find all the instant games ready to play at your fingertips.  If you are on a desktop computer you can click direct to the iPad Instant play section of  the Game Central area.  In this section you will find hundreds of game reviews containing a variety of casino games for fun or real play.

The reason people find it difficult to find online casino games to play instantly on their iPad is  because the technology is just now coming about to provide great iPad instant play games.  There are lots of games you can play by downloading an app from one of the online casinos, some of which only require you to input a name and email address.  Others require you to fill out a more inclusive form which is closer to a free enrollment before you can play the games.

The Instant Play for iPad games we have linked to requires nothing but clicking (tapping) the image, usually the spin button and you can start playing the game.  The games play fantastic on your iPad  and the quality will most likely surprise you, the games have stunning 3D Graphics, play fast and  work flawlessly.

There is a downside that comes with these great free games and that is an advertisement or promotion to play for real money or download the app.  That is the price to quickly and easily play the games.  The upside to once you decide to upload the app (usually just a couple of taps) is that you can register an account with the particular casino and then have your own account.

When you play the casino game using the app you get a whole lot more.  First of all you get access to the entire package of mobile friendly games including slot games, table games (Blackjack, Craps, Roulette…) and who knows what by the time you read this.

Your free money in your account  is also saved when using the app so it is more like a real casino experience, if you win a big jackpot while playing and you log off you will still have the funds in  your account when you come back to play.  Believe me this makes all the difference in the world, so once you find a game that you like, take a minute and add the app.

These Instant Play games are very new and there are a limited amount of games but I expect the amount of games to grow quickly so it might be a good idea to bookmark the Instant Games page.  Have fun and enjoy these great games from anywhere and at anytime!

Good luck & Have fun,

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