How popular is online gambling?

How popular is online gambling?

Recent estimates show that that global online betting in 2016 exceeded the $500 Billion level (maybe 550) and we must assume this involved millions of online players who enjoy playing online casino games and making real money sporting bets online. The folks at Jupiter Research expect this number to reach $1 Trillion by the year 2021 which is only 5 years away so needless to say online gambling is here to stay!

Leading the charge in online gaming is the explosion in the mobile gaming market where many casinos and gambling portals now experience more visitors and more gaming from users on their mobile devices rather than desktop and laptop computers. The ability to play great online slots like Hercules Son of Zeus slot game on your iPhone from anywhere and anytime has taken the net by storm and more new players are joining online casinos because the games play so well and it is is so easy to register at an online casino.

Europe is by far the dominant force in the gaming marketplace but the Asian market is poised to make a big break through. The US marketplace was curbed significantly when they put in restraints back in 2008 but there is still a significant amount of new players coming from the States especially with casinos such as Slots.LV which cater only to USA players and are specially set up to accommodate New American Players.

You only need to look at the site to see how thriving the online casino business is, the site has grown from a handful of software brands to 30 Unique Brands of which 22 Brands have free play mobile games. With new games added every week and a new brand a month you have to know that the online casino business is alive and well. We recommend that you visit and bookmark our Game Central Area which is your gateway to over 500 free instant play casino games all of which can be played for real money at the corresponding casinos.

Joining an online casino is easy to do and you can register for free, as a member you will gain access to their entire suite of games where you can find your favorite games, master a strategy then play for real winnings. Most online casinos offer Free Casino Comps to new members just so you can try out their casino.

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