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The Casino site has quite a bit of history due to the fact that it was established in the very early days of the online gaming industry.   Launched in 1997 around the same time as the first online casinos and online casino games, we provided our visitors with their first glance of what was to become a huge entertainment industry.  The experience gained by managing the operations of an online casino gave our team the insight of how the games work, what new games would be coming forward and an in-depth knowledge of what games the casino game player was looking for.

19 years later the site has become the goto portal for casino games with 500+ casino games that can instantly be played with just the click of a mouse or in some cases a tap of the screen. The introduction of HTML5 technology was a breakthrough for our industry and it enable software companies to develop casino games that would work with all devices including desktop computers, smartphones and tablets. The introduction of mobile casino games was a real game changer and 2016 saw a great influx of software brands introducing mobile casino games.  The site went through its biggest growth period during 2016 as well nearly tripling the number of instant play free casino games. Starting the year with only 10 brands the site has grown to include 30 unique software brands of which 17 brands provide free instant play mobile casino games. The Casino Games site can boast that it has one of the largest collection of free instant play mobile casino games in the world and the collection has new games added every month!

In the beginning, online casinos only offered downloadable games.  Soon after, we saw the invention of html games, flash casino games and several other platforms of non-downloadable games including 3D online slot games. The initial version of Casino Games was a completely free casino games site. By supplying an email the player received a unique pin number to enter the free games site of   Once inside they had access to play state of the art games such as, blackjack, craps, poker, Caribbean poker, single line slots, multi-payline slots, multi-reel slots, baccarat, keno, video poker, American roulette, European roulette and even scratch cards. As time progressed more games were added such as War, Let it Ride, video slots, multi-hand poker, bingo and even Mahjong.

One of the most popular areas of the site was the weekly tournament games. Every week a new game was chosen and the players would compete online to see how they could win that week’s game.  A fun feature was the ability to see in real time the top 10 leaders and their scores. At the end of the tournament the top 3 winners could win real prizes. This was enormously popular with the favorite games being video poker, online slots, blackjack and roulette.

As an added bonus the registered players would receive a monthly newsletter. This newsletter would provide up to date information on new types of online casino games, what is new in the online casino industry and tips and strategies on how to play their favorite casino games. There would also be a detailed review of one of the online casinos. This review included the types of games the online casino provided, when the casino first started, the type of billing methods available, if the casino provided online customer support and what the current bonus or casino promotion the casino was offering at the time.

As the online casino industry grew new technology appeared making the casino games much more fun by providing better graphics, more speed, and a greater quality of sound. Free flash games were developed such as Greedy Goblins and the Birds! Slot. These were entertaining games that people could play for free and if they wished they could go and play for real at an online casino.

With the explosive growth of the online casino business, we at Casino Games found the need to provide pertinent information to the dedicated online casino player. In order to do this the entire Casino Games site was rebuilt from the ground up. This new site concentrated on educating the online casino player, whether they are a new player or an experienced veteran, on how to maximize their enjoyment while playing casino games online.

For the new players we concentrated on letting the players know what and where they could play their favorite games, what games were available and the rules of many of the online games. For those newbie’s who wished to play for real we supplied detailed guidelines of how best to choose an online casino. This included doing research on an online casino prior to ever setting up a real money account. This research included how long the online casino was in business, did they offer the casino games the player was looking for, did they supply 24-hour customer support and were they licensed to provide online casino games. To further assist them in entering the online gaming world in the safest manner possible there was a section dedicated to online casino reviews. These reviews were composed by the staff of casino games that diligently went thru each of the sites and provided most of the answers to make it easy for the newbie to find a stable and proven online casino.

The current Casino Games site has once again gone through a major renovation brought about by the unbelievable growth of the gaming technology and the explosive growth of the mobile market.  As smartphones and tablets have become common place it was only a matter of time when the site was seeing more visitors using mobile devices than on their desktop computers. To address the mobile market the Casino Games site has used the latest technology to provide our mobile visitors with a completely unique site which only contains mobile friendly games. By doing so we have ensured that our visitors who come to our site using their smartphones and tablets have access to casino games that actually work on their mobile devices. Our mobile visitors can also access online casinos that specialize in offering mobile casino games.

The challenge that faces the casino games and online gambling industry is the complicated legal issues that each country faces when deciding whether to even allow their residents to even participate in online gaming or gambling. Countries such as England (UK) have been very progressive and have established a regulated environment that clearly allows for companies to set up gaming corporations and to provide online gaming to their residents. Other countries such as the United States have banned countries from offering online gambling to their residents and have established a complicated set of laws which makes the entire industry a difficult place to do business.

Do to the legal situation in the United States many of the dominant online casino developers such as Microgaming, NetEnt and Playtech have blocked US citizens from any real money play. In fact, some software companies such as IGT will not even allow USA citizens to play their games for free.

Because of these restrictions, the team at is faced with the challenge of providing an environment that provides free casino games to all players and to provide our visitors with a method to play for real winnings which is what many of our visitors are looking for. In order to facilitate these the website has broken out the casino games by brand and with each brand we have recommended established casinos who offer the games for real money play.

To further accommodate our visitors, we have also developed sections that display only USA Friendly Games and USA Friendly Casinos so players from the United States are able to find games that they can actually play for real winnings. Many people would be surprised to hear that of the 25 brands of games we offer at the site only 8 brands accept USA real money play.

Due to these developments, the site has gone back to their roots and now provide it’s members with a single point of presence to play all their favorite online casino games for free.  The site therefore is composed entirely of free online casino games for both the Desktop and the Mobile users.  The main feature is still the Game Central area where the visitors have easy access to an entire suite of instant play casino games, across many gaming platforms (Brands) that can be played for free.  We encourage you to visit our site often, tell your friends about us and most importantly have fun!

The Casino Games Team