French Roulette Microgaming

French Roulette

French Roulette Microgaming Wheel

French Roulette Features

  • Global Friendly
  • Mobile & Desktop
  • UK Licensed

French Roulette Basics

  • Game Type : Roulette
  • Software : Microgaming
  • Specialty Bets : Orphelins-Cylindre-Voisins
  • Straight : 35:1 Odds
  • Passe / Manque : 1:1 Odds
  • Pair / Impair : 1:1 Odds
  • Rows : 2:1Odds
  • P-M-D (Dozens) : 2:1 Odds
  • Street : 11:1 Odds
  • Corners : 8:1 Odds
  • La Partage Rule : For the Green 0

French Roulette Review

People are often confused as to the differences between the three most common roulette games the European, the American and the French roulette. These differences revolve around the Wheel, the Table Layout and the Rules. The French Roulette game uses the same wheel as the European game which contains one green zero whereas the American wheel contains the single and double green zero.

The Payouts are the same for all three versions, however the Player Odds are slightly better for the European and French roulette games. This is due to the American roulette having the addition double zero which increases the house odds. The tables are significantly different not only with the language but the layout of the betting area. One example is the popular bets of Orphelins-Cylindre-Voisins are found on the European Tables but not displayed directly on the American and French tables.

French Roulette Rules

The rules regarding the payout of the zero is one of the main ways the French Roulette game differs from the others. With the American and the European games a zero or double zero results in the loss of the outside bets. This include the Red/Black, Hi/Lo and the Even/Odd bets. With the French Roulette game you can have one of two rules for the zero results These rules are named the En Prison and the La Partage Rule.

Once again these rules are enforced when the ball lands on the green zero. With the En Prison rule the outside bets are held for the next spin and play like a normal bet. If this spin results in another zero then the outside bets are lost. The La Partage rule will return half your bets on the outside numbers if the ball lands on the zero. The rules for every French Roulette game should clearly state which rule is enforced. The Microgaming French Roulette uses the La Partage ruling which returns 50% of your bet.

The Play

First of all, unlike the the French Roulette tables found in a brick in mortar casino, you will always find a good seat the the Microgaming French Roulette game. The table shows chips ranging from 1.00 up to 25. The minimum bet per number is 1.oo and the maximum bet is 10.oo. The minimum table bet is 1.oo and the maximum table bet is 250.00. The Roulette table is laid out very well and it is easy to change your chip value or remove a misplaced bet. Placing the bets are quite easy and the game has a rebet feature for those who like to play the same numbers.

Specialty Bets & Custom Layouts

One of the things we like about the French Roulette is the Expert Bets area. From here you can easily place popular bets like the Les Orphans, Tiers Du Cylindre and the Les Voisins Du Zero. You will also find multiple Fineles En Plein betting options using the Call Bets button.

Our favorite feature in the Expert Mode is the build your own layout option. This is a feature where you get to store up to 8 betting sequences containing your favorite bets. We found this especially useful to players who have a set group of numbers but they like to bet them in varying amounts. This way you can preset them once and they are stored in your account. It is also handy if a friend has asked you to place wagers using their special numbers.


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Our Team at believes the French Roulette is one of the best online roulette games we have played. The ability to create individual betting layouts and store them for future bets is an incredible feature. The game is laid out well and plays fast and fair. We recommend you register for free at the Slots Million Casino and see why this is such a special game. You will also find the Slots Million Casino in our UK Licensed Casinos section.

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