Free Multi-hand Joker Poker

Free Multi-hand Joker Poker

What’s more fun than free joker poker?  Why 10 Hand Free Joker Poker and you can play this exciting game instantly by clicking here. Many people have never played multi-hand video poker because they have been afraid to risk to much money or they just did not understand the game but now that we have free internet gaming we can play and learn to our hearts delight.

The key in playing any variant of a video poker game is to be aware of the payout schedule which should be posted on every game. It is important to note what the minimum payout is because this will alter your direct your playing strategy. In this 10 hand video poker game from Realtime Gaming the minimum payout for a payout is a pair of Kings or Higher so you should never hold a single card which is lower than a King.  You will also notice that the payout for two pair is the same as King high so there is no reason to ever hold two pair when a single pair is the same payout.   For more tips and strategies visit the Joker Poker Review Section.

Multi-hand video poker gets real exciting when you are dealt a winning hand on the draw and the becomes extremely exciting when you are dealt a joker on the deal.  When this happens you know that you already have 10 winning hands and the sky is the limit. Keep in mind though that the same holds true when you are dealt a garbage hand that chances are you will have quite a few loosing hands but I guess that is why they call it gambling.  The good news is you can play this multi hand video poker game for free, perfect your game and they be ready to play smart when you play for real winnings.  Online casinos such as Planet 7 offer this exact game and new players always receive a generous welcome bonus. If you like the Joker Poker game please make sure to share us with your friends!

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