Fitzwilliam Casino Live Baccarat

Fitzwilliam Casino Live Baccarat

Play Live Baccarat right on your desktop computer, see the real croupier (dealer) shuffle the cards, deal the hands and interactive with the live patrons of the casino.  The Fitswilliam Casino is a real brick and mortar casino in Dublin Ireland and they have a Baccarat table where you can play for fun or real chips!  The game is Baccarat also known as Punto Blanco and you can find all the rules by clicking here.

Playing live Baccarat is extremely easy, the first step is to sign up for a free account here, and once you have joined you can enter the live game area.  The first thing you will see is the croupier (dealer) sitting at the table and displayed in front of your screen is your betting area.

You will clearly see your three betting areas with the Player, Tie and Banker displayed where you can select who and how many chips you wish to wager.  The types of games being played can very and sometime you have the side bet game pairs active and sometime not, depends on the live casino you are playing at.

What makes this game so unique is this is happening in real time from a real land based casino.  You can see and hear your dealer shuffle the cards, deal the hands and even interact with other real casino patrons who can sit and join your table.

We really liked this game because like most people (especially Americans) we were intimidated by Baccarat and thought it was more of an elitist high roller game and that is so far from the truth.  We found the game easy to play, easy to follow and all in all quite fun.  Baccarat is one of the fastest growing casino games in both land based casinos and online casinos.  The reason it is so popular is that the house win rate is one of the lowest of all casino games and we can play it from the comfort of our homes.  Try it for yourself by clicking here, the game and software is free to play and when you are ready to play for some real chips take advantage of the free bonus offers below!

Play Online Baccarat Now

Play online Baccarat
Shoes: 1
Players: 1
Player Bet: 1-1 payout
Banker Bet: 19-20 payout
Tie: 8-1 payout
Perfect Pair: 30-1
Coloured Pair: 10-1
Mixed Pair: 5-1
Live Dealer: Yes
Software: Vuetec
US Players: No
Minimum Bet: 0.50
Minimum Chip: 0.01
Maximum Chip: 1000
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