European Roulette

European Roulette

European Roulette
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European Roulette Features

  • USA Friendly
  • Mobile & Desktop
  • Instant Play

European Roulette Basics

  • Game Type : European Roulette
  • Software : Betsoft Gaming
  • Straight : 35:1 Odds
  • Red / Black : 1:1 Odds
  • Even / Odd : 1:1 Odds
  • Split : 2:1 Odds
  • Street : 11:1 Odds
  • Corners : 8:1 Odds
  • Dozens : 2:1 Odds
  • Free Mobile Demo : Yes

European Roulette

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European Roulette Review

The European Roulette game from Betsoft Gaming is one of the first mobile friendly online roulette games and to this day it is one of the best. The rules are identical to any roulette table in a brick and mortar casino and the only difference is you will always have easy access to the table. The graphics are stunning, the wheel spins fast and the game plays easily.

The Play

As this is a European Roulette game there is only a single zero on the wheel which differentiates this game from American Roulette which contains both a zero and a double zero. Pick the correct single number and you will instantly be reward with a 35:1 win on your bet. Just like in a Las Vegas casino you can always see the past winning numbers prominently displayed next to the wheel.

Mobile & Desktop

Online Roulette has really come a long way and the European Roulette game from Betsoft Gaming is created using the latest HTML5 technology which means this game plays equally well on your home computer and on your mobile devices. You will be amazed at how fast this game plays on your iPhone or on your Galaxy Tab and today there are just as many people playing table games like these on their mobile devices as on their home computers.

One of the reasons this European Roulette game is so popular that it plays exactly as a standard roulette game. Place your favorite bets such as Red/Black with just a click of the mouse or a touch of your finger. You can also easily place multiple bets such as Corners, Lines and Street bets just as you would at a Vegas table. The odds are the same as in Vegas and it is so much easy to place your bets. This is a mobile friendly game so it works with all platforms including IOS, Android and Windows.

Available To All Players

This game is Global Friendly which means it is available to players from around the world including those folks living in the United States. The chip value starts as low as $0.25 (25¢) and goes all the way up to $100 for you high rollers. The minimum bet on the European Roulette table  is $3 and the maximum is $500. The game has repeat button which makes it very easy for players who like to play the same numbers.


The best way to play this game is at an online casino such as the Vegas Crest Casino where as a member you will have access to their entire suite of games which you can play for fun or for real cash winnings. Joining a casino is easy to do and playing at a casino offers many features such as full screen play which are not always available in the free demo modes.  New members to the Vegas Crest casino can collect a Free Casino Bonus up to $2500 just for signing up and as a member you will be eligible to take advantage of the free Casino Comps that membership brings!

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