Double Bonus Poker – RTG

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Decks: 1
Hands: 1
Royal Flush: 250:1
Four Aces: 160:1
Straight Flush: 50:1
Four 2-3-4: 80:1
Four 5-King: 45:1
Full House: 10:1
Mobile and Tablets: No
Software: Real Time Gaming
US Players: Yes
Maximum Jackpot: 4000x
Minimum coin value: $0.05
Maximum coin value: $5.00
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Double Bonus Poker

Double Bonus Poker is yet another variation on the traditional Jacks or Better video poker game. In Double Bonus Poker the payout table is increased to provide higher payouts (Double over the Bonus Poker Game) on different combinations of 4 of a kind. What you give up for the higher payouts is that the two pair payout drops down to 1:1 rather than 2:1. The game by Real Time Gaming plays exactly like any machine you would find in any Las Vegas style casino.If four of a kind is what you like then Double Bonus Poker is the game for you. This game has changed the payout table to include three different levels of payouts for four of a kind with the lowest 2-4 paying 80:1, the middle 5-King paying 45:1 and four aces paying 160:1. The game makes up for this by reducing your payouts for a full house to 8:1, a flush to 5:1 and two pair to 1:1. Jacks or Better is the lowest winning hand at 1:1.

As an RTG designed game it has been created to accommodate all players with a coin value ranging from 5 cents all the way up to $5 per coin for you high rollers. It also can be played by players from all over the world including those folks living in the United States. The game plays fast and the graphics are crisp and we know the games play honest and fair.

Our review team liked the Double Bonus Video Poker from RTG because four of a kind not only is fun to win, it actually happens fairly often. We all like to get a royal flush but how often does that happen, but here you get some big payouts frequently which is very exciting. We recommend you download and play the game yourself by clicking here, free to download and to play. When you want to play for real chips you can take advantage of the generous bonus offers from the trusted online casinos below.

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