Double Bonus Poker is twice the fun!

Double Bonus Poker is twice the fun!

Learn to play Double Bonus Poker for real and become a pro for free!  Many people are intimidated by all the various types of video poker machines and simply never play because they don’t want to loose their money but at all of the casino games are free!  So what are you waiting for click here to play Double Bonus Poker to your hearts content.  Video Poker is one of the most popular casino games in the world and you have lots to choose from in our Video Poker Section.

The key to playing the Bonus Poker and the Joker Poker is to always check the minimum payout to determine the basic rule of play.  For example in this Double Bonus Poker game a high pair (Jacks or Higher) has the same payout as two pair so if you have a high pair and a low pair you should throw away the small pair.  The game also has a higher payout for 4 Aces which adds a nice twist to the game and can really boost your winnings.  If you like our games make sure to bookmark the page of our Game Central section where we continually add new games.  Hope you enjoy our games and share with your friends!

Good Luck and have Fun!

The Casino Games Team

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