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New games added Jan 2017

Double Exposure Blackjack!

Double Exposure Blackjack!

If you have never played Double Exposure Blackjack then you are in for a treat! This version of Blackjack was started in Las Vegas and it varies from the traditional game in that the dealer deals his first two cards face up so the player sees exactly what hand they are playing against. This brings a whole new perspective to the game and also has some changes to the game’s payout structure in that the payout for a Blackjack is even money and if there is a tie the dealer wins (except if it is a blackjack). Click here to instantly play.

Although this game may be difficult to find in a land based casino that is not in the case of an online casino such as the Black Diamond Casino which carries the Double Exposure Blackjack game along with hundreds of other exciting online casino games. This game from Pragmatic Play actually plays easier than a blackjack table in Vegas because it  has a Strategy Button right on the table so at any time a player can click it and see the best strategy to use as they apply to the cards on the table.

In the mobile version of this game (USA Friendly & Mobile Friendly) it is even more player friendly as it has a Strategy Hint Tool that with a tap it will give you a suggestion to Hit, Stand or even Double if it is appropriate, that is something you will never see in any land based casino. For even more fun you can change the voice of the dealer from Male to Female or adjust the speed of play.

The only way to play the mobile version of this game is to register at an online casino such as the Black Diamond Casino which carries all of the Pragmatic games. You can register for free or open a real account and collect a Free Casino Bonus. As a member you will instantly gain access to their entire suite of games which you can play on your home computer or on your smartphones and tablets. As a member you will then be invited to participate in the special member promotions which include free tournaments and members only reload bonuses. We hope you enjoy playing the Double Exposure Blackjack  game and don’t forget to share the Casino Games site with your friends.

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