Caribbean Poker – Betsoft

Caribbean Stud Poker 650

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Number of Decks: 1
Number of Players: 1-1
Royal Flush: 200-1
4 Of a Kind: 20-1
Full House: 20-1
Straight: 7-1
3 Of a Kind: 3-1
Two Pair: 2-1
Progressive: No
Ace/King High: 1-1
US Players: Yes
Software: Betsoft Gaming
Minimum Hand Bet: $1.00
Maximum Hand Bet: $100.00
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Caribbean Poker – Betsoft Gaming

Caribbean Poker next to Draw Poker is the most popular poker game in the world and now the folks from Betsoft Gaming bring you a game that can be played on your desktop computer, your tablets (Apple/Android/Windows) and on most smart phones. The game is even US friendly so it can be played all around the world including those folks living in the United States.

The game plays exactly as if you were sitting at a live table. This is a Player versus Dealer game and play starts with the Player selecting their chip value, placing chips in the Ante area and then selecting Deal. The Dealer will then deal out two hands of 5 cards each, the dealers hand is dealt with one card showing and four dealt down, the Player of course gets to see all five of their cards.

The game play is very simple which is why people love to play Caribbean Stud Poker, the dealer is required to qualify their hand with and Ace/King or higher to continue the hand. A general rule of them is if the Player has a hand equal to or better than Ace/King then they should bet. An even simpler rule is if the Player has a pair or higher they should bet.

The exciting part of this game is that the Payout Chart determines what the player wins if they beat the dealer. If the dealer does not qualify the player earns a 1-1 reward on their Ante and the Bet/Raise portion is returned. If the dealer qualifies and the player wins then they are paid their ante bet at 1-1 and will be paid on their bet according to the chart.

For example three of a kind will earn the player a 3-1 payout, a full house earns 7-1 and a Royal Flush earns 200-1! Some versions of Stud Poker also have a progressive $1 side bet but this game has no other side bets. You can easily view the pay chart while playing the game.

Our review team really likes this game because it is true to the exact game we would play at a Las Vegas table. The game played flawlessly on our desktop computer, our iPad 2 and a Galaxy S4 mobile phone. The cards deal fast the graphics are crisp and clear and most importantly the game is fun and exciting.

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