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Internet Blackjack has always been the most popular of the online casino games and the folks at Lucky Live host a very exciting game.    The Lucky Live standard blackjack game is played according to the European No Hole Card rules: only one card is dealt to the Dealer on the initial deal.  The dealer has to hit on a soft 16 and stand on a soft 17 which is and advantageous rule for the player.  The game offers all the standard betting options you would expect in a land base casino including the option of doubling, splitting pairs, insurance and the option of taking even money.  This game also includes a side bet option called pairs or sometime called square pairs.

There are various rules when playing blackjack and each game has its own style of play, here is a review of the basic rules when playing the Lucky Live Casino internet blackjack game.

Double Down is a standard blackjack bet where the player has the option to double their bet on any first to card and receive one hit (one more card).  Some games restrict the double down bet to certain combinations but at Lucky Live Casino you get the option on every hand.

Splitting hands becomes available when the player has a pair of (10’s, Jack’s, Queen’s, King’s or Ace’s) and can select to split the hand into two separate new hands.  When splitting the player payout for a blackjack is at 1:1 rather than 3:2 and when spitting Aces only one card will be dealt to each hand.  Re splitting is not allowed but doubling after a split is allowed.

Insurance is offered to a player when the dealer is dealt an Ace as their face card.  For some reason many people get very confused with the option of insurance (must be the term itself) but is a very straight forward proposition.  If you choose to accept the insurance you a making a completely new side bet which is whether or not the dealer will draw into a blackjack with their next card.  The bet is equal to half of your original bet and if you are betting that the dealer will draw a blackjack, if they do you win the side bet and earn 2:1.  Your original hand is played out as normal and is not affected by the insurance bet.  As with most side bets in any casino the insurance bet is highly in favor of the house so statistically you should never take insurance but this game is for fun so play it as you like!

Even money is the bet everybody likes the option of taking.  This betting option occurs when the dealer is showing an Ace and the player has a blackjack.  The player has only 2 choices take the “even money” and get paid 1:1 or let the hand play out and risk that the dealer does not have blackjack and earn your 3:2 odds.  If you let the hand play out and the dealer also has a blackjack then the result is a push.  Taking even money just feels like the right thing to do, it goes along with “a bird in the hand” rule but DON’T DO IT!  Statistically it is a very bad bet and if you are playing to win the rule is not to take even money.

The Lucky Live Blackjack game has the built in side bet called Player Pair and it is an optional and an additional bet you can make to every hand. It is physically beside your bet on the table and it has a minimum of .50 and can go up to 1000.  The player is betting that their first two cards will match (pair up) and the payout is based on the following combination.  A Perfect pair is pair where it is the same card and same suit and it pays out 25:1.  A Coloured Pair is where the pair is the same color either red or black and that pays out 12:1.  A mixed pair is just a pair and you win 6:1.

We really like this game because it plays easily and has all the bells and whistles that you would get while playing at a table in Las Vegas.  Your chip values range from .01 all the way up to 1000 so it plays well for all type of players big and small.  You can play Lucky Live Blackjack for free or take advantage of their free bonus offers to new members.

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Decks: 1
Players: 1
Side Bet: Pairs
Double: Yes on any
Split: Yes
Even Money: Yes
Re Split: No
Insurance: Yes
Split Aces: Yes + one card
Software: Vuetec
US Players: Yes
Minimum Side Bet: 0.50
Minimum Chip: 0.01
Maximum Chip: 1000
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