Blackjack Switch

Blackjack Switch

Blackjack Switch
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Blackjack Switch Features

  • Global Friendly
  • Desktop Only
  • Instant Play

Blackjack Switch Basics

  • Game Type : Blackjack
  • Software : Playtech
  • Super Match : Side Bets
  • Pair : 1:1
  • 2 Pairs : 8:1
  • Unique Feature : Switch Cards
  • Insurance : 2:1
  • RTP : 99.42%

Blackjack Switch

The Blackjack  Switch game is one of the more creative versions of blackjack and it is a really fun game. This game can be found in brick and mortar casinos as well as in online casinos such as The game certainly adds an additional layer of skill which leads many players to think this is the best blackjack game of all.

Hand values in the Blackjack Switch game are the same as traditional Blackjack but the game play and payouts vary. When placing your bet you actually are placing two equal bets as this game requires you to play two hands of equal value. There is a side bet called the Super Match which is an exciting wager and on a 6 deck shoe it has a house edge of around 2.55%.

The Play

Play begins with the Player making a wager which has a minumum of bet  £0.50 and a maximum bet £50. The player selects a chip, places the bet and this creates two hands with equal wagers. At this point, the player can also make a side bet called the Super Match which is a stand alone bet which can be of a different value then the main bet. The hands are dealt with the player recieving two hands with the cards face up and two cards are dealt to the dealer, one facing up and one facing down.

The player has the choice of clicking the switch option which will flop the second card of each of their hands with each other. The player of course would only do this if by doing so will increase the win potential. In many cases this is a very easy decision as it sometimes will greatly improve the Players’ chances to win. After playing a couple of hands you will quickly catch on and see why this is such a popular game. This switch option is a great advantage to the player but it comes at a cost.

The Payout

The payout in the Blackjack Switch is different than the traditional Blackjack game. A blackjack only pays 1:1 which is drastically less then the normal 3:2. Keep in mind the ability to switch can be very powerful and it is very fun to play.

The Super Match side bet is an independent wager and is very straight forward. If the players original four cards create a hand with a pair or higher hand the player wins. The payout for the Super Match bet are: Pair 1:1, Three of a Kind 5:1, Two Pairs 8:1 and Four of a Kind is 40:1. We must admit we were suprised how often we hit the two pair payout!

The Blackjack Switch game is one of those games that you will love it or hate it, and our team hands down loved the game. The game is instantly playable on your home computer here at the site but if you want to play on your mobile you will need to play at an online casino such as the casino.

We recommend playing the Blackjack Switch at casino because as a member you will gain access to their entire suite of games which you can play for fun or for real cash winnings. If you enjoy this game you will really like playing it on your smartphone or tablet as it plays very fast and the graphics are crystal clear.

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