Bet On The Oscars at Bovada!

Bet On The Oscars at Bovada!

America loves the Oscars so it is a natural that the Bovada Sportsbook has all the best odds to allow you to make a wager on your favorite movies. Our Team has  watched a lot of the favorites in the best movie category and our consensus of what movie we liked the most was Hidden Figures but that is a medium to longshot at +1800 and LaLaLand at -700 is for sure the clear favorite. The fun part of the Oscars is that the favorite does not always win!

Betting on the Oscars is so much fun because you have a personal interest in the results. Many off us have many hours in watching the finalists and have a personal choice, the fun is that we can now actually place a bet online at sites such as the Bovada Sportsbook. The Oscars has actually become a large betting venue and you can place a wager on many of the categories including Best Actor, Best Visual Effects and even the Best Animated Feature.

Just like a sporting event we know that the Oscars can surprise us so even the sportsbooks can be caught by surprise. If you have never bet online then this is an opportunity for you to register at the the Bovada Sportsbook and Casino which is a USA Friendly Casino that only accepts players from the United States. Join now and you can collect a Free Welcome Bonus just for joining. Enjoy the Oscars and we hope your favorites take home the trophies.

Have fun and good luck,

The Casino Games Team

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