How to find the best online slot game Part One: US Players

How to find the best online slot games?

Fashion SlotDid you know that there are well over 1000 different online or internet slot games available to you with just a few strokes on your computer keyboard?  If a land based casino had just one machine each for all of these games it would be ranked very high in the world’s largest casino category.

That’s a thousand slot games with new games being added every week, how can a normal person possibly find the game that is best game for them with all these choices?  That is where I will try to assist you as I write online casino game reviews every week (some times daily) and I can help you easily sift thru the chafe and find the games you really want to play.  You can find a good collection of free online slots that play equally well on your desktop computer and your mobile devices at

The easiest way is to just eliminate games that don’t apply to you or because of your location they are not available to you.  The beautiful thing about the internet is that it is worldwide and for the most part available to everybody, unfortunately that does not apply to online casino games and especially if you want to play for real money.  The largest population that is affected by internet gaming restrictions is for those players living in the United States.

Due to legislation within the United States the rules regarding US players to play at online casino are at best muddled and this has led to some of the largest casino game developers to block residents of the United States.  This includes some of the oldest and largest game design companies such as Microgaming, Playtech and Net Entertainment.  Prior to 2006 all of these games were available to the world but in today’s world they are not.

The good news is that if you live in the United States your choice of games got easier and there are many very fine gaming companies such as Real Time Gaming and Betsoft Gaming that have excellent and state of the art slot games readily available to the US Player.

For this article we are going to concentrate on slot games which are by far the most popular casino game anywhere from Las Vegas to your home computer.  Enter any casino slot room and you can see that the games are grouped to fill a particular need.  It may look and sound like chaos but here you will find sections that have predominantly classic style slots like Red, White and Blue, or Lucky 7 or even the Diamond machines.

In another section you will find groupings of game with multi lines, special bonus games, free spins which typically have enhanced animation.  There are areas with Theme Games such as Cleopatra, Thor, Spiderman and even the Adams family.  The newer games have so many bonus features/free spins/bonus rounds that my wife has to walk me through it!

All of these types of games are created to entice and entertain a particular type of player and all of these game types and more are available at the internet casinos.   The key to finding out what type of player you are is to find a game you do like and then look for similar games, that is why the casinos group their machines together with similar playing styles.

This is the beauty of the internet, you have the opportunity to play most of the games online for free, find the one you like and then you can locate other similar games for you to enjoy.  Lets identify the different game types and point you in the right direction to play some of these games.

Classic Slot Games

These are easy to identify as they usually only have 1-3 reels, include symbols like Fruit, 7’s, Diamonds or Bars.  The games are very easy to play, there rarely have bonus games or even wilds and the most common noise they make is Ding Ding Ding!  You may roll your eyes at the thought of the old style games but go to any casino in the world and you will find lots of these games and I am betting you will see people playing them.  Slotland is a game developer of US friendly casino games which have always had good and trusted classic games and a good example of this is their Fruitful 7’s slot game, play it for free and see if this game appeals to you.

Video Slot Games

You will hear and see the video slot game section of a casino well before standing in front of the game.  These are slot games with lots of bells and whistle (figuratively and actually), bright lights, sounds, voices and lots of bonus games and free spin features.  This is a much more interactive slot game and usually has Wild symbols, Scatter symbols, Free Spins, and a slew of specialty bonus games.  In land based casinos I would take months or even a year for a big brand new casino machine to be launched but in today’s’ online world new video slot games are coming out weekly!

The largest provider of US Friendly video slot games is Realtime Gaming, and they have hundreds of exciting slot games and they just keep getting better and better.  A good example of one of their more recent games is the Dirty Martini slot game.  This game is one of the Realtime Gaming slots that can be played on your desktop computer as well as you mobile device like the iPhone, Android or even your iPad tablet.  It has all the features you would expect to find in a modern video slot game and is a good place to see if this is the type of game for you.

Animated 3D Slot Games

This is the newest of the online casino games and has been made available due to the huge advancement in technology being driven by these leading game developers.  These games have incredible animation and 3D film clips built into the games.  Winning paylines play animated clips, free bonus games can involve games of skill, and the interaction between the player and the slot games have reached new heights.

One of the new producers of these games is Betsoft Gaming which develops US Friendly slot games taken to another level.   The games have themes and characters which are actively participating while you spin the reels.  The past year has seen such a leap in technology that it is just easier for you to see a game in play then to try and explain it in this article.  An excellent example of an animated 3D game is Rooks Revenge; the game has all the features of most video slot games but also has exploding symbols, dancing Inca chiefs and more.  Play it for fun and see if Animated Slot games is the game type for you.

I hope this quick breakdown will help you find the slot games of your dreams, with all of the games out there I am sure there are some that will quickly become your favorites.  All of the games mentioned here can be found in the newly created Game Central section of the gaming website.

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