Are Online Casino Bonuses Really Free?

Are online casino bonuses really free?

Sloto Cash Free Spins @ CasinoGames.comThere is no such thing as a free lunch as the saying goes but a Free Casino Bonus from an established and reputable online casino is pretty close.  The important thing to realize is that the online gambling market is very competitive just like it is for the land based casinos in Las Vegas, Atlantic City and Monaco, the casinos want new players and will go out of their way to entice them to try out their casino.  A free casino bonus is exactly that, an incentive to try out a casino and the proper bonuses are in fact real cash rewards.  Just like all promotions there are various types which all have their positives and negatives and here is a brief description of the most popular. A  good example of quality online bonuses can be found at

Free No Deposit Bonus is just that, this is a free cash bonus that is deposited into your account which is used to play real money games at that casino and if you meet the requirements of the play through then you keep your winnings which usually have a cap.  This is the easiest of the bonuses to take advantage of and they usually are of a lower level around the $20 or €20 level.  To take advantage of this bonus the player simply has to open a new account and request the bonus using a bonus account, as there is no deposit necessary many casinos will not even ask for you banking information.  A typical play through is 100x the bonus amount which on a slot machine is about 4 – 5 hours of play, which means you can play 5 hours of real money slots and keep you winnings!  If nothing else you get to try out the casino for free and see if it is someplace you want to play at.  Online gaming is entertainment and the casinos are betting that you will enjoy the time spent at their casino and will continue to play there.  A good example of two casinos who offer No Deposit Bonuses to new members is the Slot.LV Casino (Free $22) and the Slotland Casino (Exclusive $28 for visitors), both of these are well established US Friendly online casinos.

A Match Bonus is a very common bonus which typically has a much higher bonus value but requires the new member to actually make a real money deposit.  A standard 100% Bonus reward will provide the player with a bonus equal to their deposit so a $100 initial deposit will reward you with a $100 bonus.  The usual play through requirements on a match bonus is 30X the total amount (Deposit + Bonus) so for a $100 deposit the player would be required to wager through $6,000 which is about 10 hours of slot play.  A match bonus typically will have a higher play through amount vs a No Deposit Bonus but the rewards are much greater.  A good example of a 100% Match Bonus is the Planet 7 Casino which you can collect by clicking here.  There are also 200% Bonus offers where a $100 deposit warrants a $200 bonus and in this case your wagering requirement is 25X or $7,500, the HighNoon Casino currently offers a 200% Bonus.  In any case it is important to read the terms for any online casino as they will inform you of the specifics of a bonus and it is important to follow the rules if you wish to collect your winnings.

A Free Spin Bonus is an incentive that is usually tied to online slot promotion and is a bonus that is added once a player opens a new account.  A good example of this is the 100 Free Spin promotion offered by the folks at the SlotoCash Casino.  This is a very easy to use bonus that a new member to open a real money account for as little as $20 and to enter the bonus code 100addedspins, this will reward the player with 100 real money spins that them must immediately play.  At the end of the 100 spins the player gets to keep the cash earned from the free spins once a play through of only 10 times plus the deposit is completed.  For example a new player opens an account for $20 and then plays his 200 spins and wins $200.  His actual bonus is then calculated at $220 of which he then needs to do a play through of $2200 which should less than 4 hours of slot play.  As you can see the goal of the bonus is to give the players a chance to actually play at the casino and see if it is something they like.

In summary the online casino bonuses from a reputable online casino are real and players can in fact cash out these rewards as long as they fulfill the stated terms of the promotions. There are various types of bonuses from small bonuses with no risk to higher bonuses which require the player to make a real money deposit.  Either way all casino bonuses come with a play through requirement which necessitates the player to actual play at the casino. It is the players responsibility to read through the Terms and Conditions and to follow these terms so they will be able to collect on the bonus, all legitimate casinos will clearly state the terms below a bonus offering.   These requirements in most cases are fair and are necessary to protect the casino from fraudulent players, keep in mind these bonuses are incentives for you to try out a casino.  Hope this helps explain how to take advantage of the great promotions available to online players, please visit our Free Bonus Section to see the latest offers.

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