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ABOUT US (CasinoGames.com)

Casino Games.com was established in August of 1998 and was one of the earlier online gaming sites. The first online casino had just come online a year earlier and it was the ideal time to set up a website dedicated to those who want to play casino games online.

Over the years the original staff of Casino Games has kept a watch on the online gaming industry and strives to provide our visitors with an ongoing place to find out what new casino games are available and hopefully what is coming in the near future.

We have designed our site to help you (our visitors) do what pleases you the most and that is to play online casino games.  To this we created our Games Central Area which is your gateway to a host of free games which are instantly playable directly from our site.  If you like Slots then go to our Free Slots section or if you prefer games like  Blackjack or Roulette then check out our Free Table Games section.  For those who enjoy video poker games they can visit our Free Video Poker section.  These areas all have one thing in common, the games are all free and are playable with the click of a mouse or a touch on your screen!

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With the exponential growth of the gaming industry and the Internet in general the quantity of Internet casino games and the complexity of the games have gone through the roof. There are literally thousands of online casino games from the old time favorite 777 slot machines to the modern Video Slot machines with bonus spins. We now have 3D slot games, themed games like South Park and online poker has taken on a life of its own. The explosion of mobile casino games will more than likely become the major focus for some time to come.

The CasinoGames.com  team is dedicated to making our site the #1 place to find all things new and cool regarding online casino games. We provide our users with new game releases, game reviews and upcoming gaming events. Strange as it may seem with all this growth in our industry it has made it increasingly harder for people to easily find online casino games. Therefore it is our mission to provide our visitors with the latest online casino games that they can easily play for free or read a review with tips and strategies of how to pllay these games!

With the fast pace growth of the internet a site like CasinoGames.com is necessary to keep the public informed on where and how to play the newest Video Poker, Slots or Table games like Blackjack, Roulette and Craps. The beauty of the Internet is that game developers can now easily create new games which our team vigorously tests and then provides them for free to our visitors.

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The introduction of mobile casino games has been nothing short of spectacular but it too has come with its own share of problems. With more than half of the visitors now visiting our site using a mobile device it has become critical to provide free games and reviews targeting these users.

The complexity that comes with this is that not all games work equally well with the different software platforms of IOS / Apple / Windows. This makes it somewhat tricky to make these games easily available to our visitors. To address this we have created a mobile version of the CasinoGames.com site which provides only mobile games that our visitors can instantly play. Our site identifies uses as being on a mobile device and shows them actual games that they can play on their smart phones and tablets.

We hope you enjoy the site and visit often because there is never a dull moment here as we are in one of the most fun and fastest growing industries on the internet. Your privacy is very important to us. The CasinoGames.com site does not collect any information on our visitors and all the information is free to access.  If you enjoy our site please tell your friends, the more the merrier!  We would love to hear from you so if you have any thoughts you would like to share please do so, you can email us at TheTeam@CasinoGames.com.

Good Luck and Have Fun,

The Casino Games Team