7 Stud Poker – RTG

Seven Card Stud video poker is one of the most popular poker games to be played in the weekly neighborhood poker game and the folks at Real Time Gaming have done an excellent job bringing this to your desktop computer.  This internet poker game is easy to play and you can bet on each card before the turn.  It is played with a standard 52 card deck plus one joker for a total of 53 cards and the game is between the Player and the House.This 7 Card Stud game is great for all players because the coin value starts low at 5 cents (a nickel) and goes all the way up to $5 a coin.   The chip values on your machine are $5, $25 and $100, to begin you simply put your chips in the machine and hit deal.  The game then displays your two “hole cards” and then you choose to bet on your next card or to deal all the rest of the hand.  If you choose to bet you can make a selection of 1-5 coins to wager and it continues for the rest of the hand.

When all seven cards are dealt the hand is tallied and the player wins with a hand of 3 of a kind or better and paid according to the chart on the screen.  A royal flush pays 100:1, a flush pays 5:1 and three of a kind pays 1:1.  With a winning hand of a straight or better you have the option of doubling your win.  This pops up on the screen and if you decide to play you get to choose whether the card is big (8-King) or small (Ace-6), we were lucky and doubled our winning full house hand by guessing small!

This game plays fast and accurately and we know from experience that all of the games from RTG play fare.  The ability to bet from one to five coins before each flip of the cards makes it feel like you are at the neighborhood poker games.

We liked this game because it allows you to bet on each turn of the hand and the added joker is a nice touch.  The fact that it is an RTG poker game means it is also available to the folks in the United States.  We suggest you try playing the game yourself by clicking here, the software is free to download, installs with a click and you can play the 7 card video poker and all the other great RTG casino games for free.  If you are looking to play with real chips, take advantage of the great bonus offers below.

Play Seven Card Stud Video Poker Game
7 Card Stud Video Poker game
Cards: 53 (1 Joker)
Players: 1
Royal Flush: 100:1
5 OAK: 75:1
Straight Flush: 50:1
4OAK: 10:1
Full House: 5:1
Flush: 3:1
Mobile and Tablets: No
Software: Real Time Gaming
US Players: Yes
Maximum Jackpot: 500x
Minimum coin value: $0.05
Maximum coin value: $5.00
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