5 Reasons to Join an Online Casino

5 Reasons to Join an Online Casino

Online casinos have evolved into advanced online entertainment centers.  If you have never played you may ask yourself why do people join? So our Team at CasinoGames.com came up with the 5 best reasons to join an online casino. These are not in any particular order but if we had to pick the best it would be the first one and that is gambling online is fun.

Gambling is Fun

The majority of people enjoy playing casino games and gambling in general because it is a fun thing to do. Millions of people worldwide have joined online casinos not to mention the millions that visit land based casinos. Sure Las Vegas has lots to offer but the number one draw is the fantastic slots and the table games they offer.

The thrill of gambling extends to all demographics, young, old, rich and the not so wealthy. The fact that most games have a varied currency value enables most games to be in reach of all players. Playing a penny slot can be just as exciting and fun as playing a $100 hand of blackjack.

Live Games with Social Interaction

Today’s games just keep getting better and with the speed of the internet picking up so has the Live Table Games. Now a player can easily play real live games with a live dealer and other players. This has truly become a social event where players can even chat among themselves. If you have ever played at a Sit and Go Poker table you realize that the online casinos have really brought the social activities of this game right into your home.

Variety of Games

Mega Casinos has been one of the newest trends in online casinos. These are casinos which offers a multitude of gaming brands and offer a giant selection of games all within a single casino. Where a large land based casino may like the MGM Grand in Las Vegas has around 2,500 actual slot and table seats an online casino may have 1000+ unique games with unlimited seating. European players can join the Slots Million Casino and have access to 40 plus brands and over 2,000 casino games. US Players can join the Vegas Crest Casino and have access to over 500 games from 6 unique brands.

All the Games of a land based casino and more!

If a game exists in a land based casino then be assured a similar game is to be found online. This all comes down to the fact that space is meaningless in an online casino. If a casino wants to add a new slot game they can choose from thousands and it is immediately available to all of their players. Where it would take a land based months if not more to add new machines, online casinos can add a new game a day if they choose.

Table Games

Another great reason to join an online casino is that there is always an available seat. If you have ever tried to get onto a crowded Roulette Table or even worse a crowded Craps Table in a land based casino you know the frustration. Even if you get to reach the table you may still have difficult placing a bet on a busy table. With online casinos there are no issues as every seat is right up front and placing bets is as easy as clicking a mouse or touching a screen.

Exclusive Online Games

There are hundreds of games that are exclusive to online players only. An excellent example of this is the Slotland Entertainment brand of games. These games can only be found at the Slotland and Winaday online casinos and are very unique games. Other games include the Fast & Sexy Slot which is especially popular with the players in the United States.

Casino Comps

Everybody loves casino comps and the online casinos are the marketing masters when it comes to enticing new players. There are lots of reasons to join an online casino and a casino bonus is a big one! Imagine what Las Vegas would be like if there were 2000+ casinos all vying for new players! The biggest obstacle for online players is in choosing which casino comps are best for them.

USA Players vs Global Players

One of the things to be aware of is that not all online casinos have an open door policy to all players. The biggest separation between casinos are those that accept players from the United States vs those that do not. The frustration occurs when a US Player tries to join an online casino and finds after submitting their registration they found they have been rejected due to their location.

To mitigate this the Team at CasinoGames.com has set up online casino bonus sections to help direct to players to casino comps which are designed for where the live. US Players can simply go to our US Friendly Casino bonus section and here they will find the current bonuses offering from well established casino. For Global players (those outside the USA) can visit our UK Casino Bonus section. These casinos are available to most players and will display a full review with bonus offerings.

No Deposit and Free Spin Bonuses

The no deposit bonus (ndb) usually comes in two formats, a free cash (chip) bonus or a free spin bonus. These are the most popular form of bonuses as they pose no risk to the player and are the easiest to use. With a no deposit bonus the player need only register at a new online casino and enter a specific bonus code. A free cash bonus is simply that a free chip or a free cash amount which they can use to try out a casino. A free spin bonus is usually a casino comp offering new players to try a new game by having a specific amount of free spins and they will get to keep their winnings.

Although these are typically the most popular casino comps they are not as easy to find. We have set up a Free Spins Bonus section as well as a No Deposit Bonus section to assist in finding the latest offers. Keep in mind that all casino bonuses have terms and conditions which have to be met before the collection of the bonus. The T&C’s found within these sections all fall in the category of which would be considered industry standards.

Tournaments & Special Promotions

A big part of gambling is to play against other players and compete for even bigger prizes. The best online casinos see themselves as social entertainment centers and the online tournaments is their way to enhance their offerings. As a member of an online casino you will have the ability to enter free or buy-in tournaments. Many times these tournaments will be guaranteed tournaments with prizes awarded to the top players.

Variety of Tournaments

People usually think off tournaments being limited to online slots and poker but there are also blackjack and keno tournaments as well. The Miami Club Casino (US Friendly) is an excellent example as the often have a $3 opt in blackjack tournament with a prize pool in excess of $500. You may also want to check out their Daily Keno tournaments.


The online tournaments can very greatly from one casino to another. Many have free tournaments with smaller prizes to promote new games. The small buy-in tournaments are some of the most popular where a player can buy-in for a small fee of a $1-$5 and have the ability to earn a big reward if they end up in the top twenty. Looking at the Slotocash Online Casino we see there are over 20 unique tournaments taking place in any given week!

Joining an Online Casino is Easy

It has never been easier to join an online casino especially if you are using a no deposit bonus promotion. New players simply choose an online casino, fill out a form and enter a bonus code. Those looking to cash in on a Match Bonus will have to input their deposit method. Either way in takes only a few minutes and the approval process should be instantaneous.

Cryptocurrency & Online Wallets

Cryptocurrency is all the fastest growing method to fund an online casino account. The fact that it is easy to use, anonymous and usually has the best casino bonuses are the reasons why. Bitcoin is the leader in the industry and you will find that many online casinos now have Exclusive Bitcoin Bonus promotions. Online wallets such as Skrill, Eco and Neteller are also easy methods to fund an online gaming account.


The online casino industry has just exploded the past couple of years with millions of players worldwide. People can play from their home in London or on thier mobile phones at Miami Beach. With literally thousands of games to choose from there has never been an easier way for people to play their favorite games. Choose from Video Slots, Video Poker, Blackjack, Roulette and more.

The evolution of the casinos into social centers have made online gaming cool and popular. The ability to join an online and receive a casino bonus in just a few minutes makes this an easy decision. With 24 hour online customer service, the barriers to entry have all but been removed.  We think the online gaming market has yet to hit their full stride. It will continue to be a major industry for years to come!

Have fun and good luck,
The Casino Games Team

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