Vegas 3 Card Rummy Review

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Players: 1
Bonus Bet: Yes
Zero Score Pays: 4 – 1
Score 1-5 Pays: 2 – 1
Score 6-19 Pays: 1 – 1
Bonus Suited 1-2-3 Pays: 100 – 1
Qualify: 20 Points or less
Re-Bet: Yes
Global Friendly: Yes
Software: Realtime Gaming

Vegas Three Card Rummy

Vegas Three Card Rummy is a very fun poker game that is easy to play but if you have not played before it may take a few minutes to catch on. The strategy is very simple you add up your three cards and if the total is less than 21 points you raise and if it is 21 or more you fold. In this game the Ace equals 1 point, 2-9 equal the pips and the face cards are 10 points. The dealer must have less than 21 points to qualify.Where this game gets fun is that Pairs, Straight Flush combinations and Three of a Kind do play a role in that they equal zero points. For example two Queens + a Five will give you a total of 5 points because the pair is zeroed out. The same applies to a 2 suited run such as 9-10 of Spades + a Four would give you a score of 4 because the suited 9-10 are zeroed out. A fantastic hand would be three 8’s because that would be a score of 0 points which is the best hand you can get!

There are two initial bets that can be played as well the Ante and the Bonus Bet. The Ante is a standard bet with a minimum of $1 and a maximum of $100. After the initial deal the player has a choice to raise or fold (Tip: over 20 fold) and if they raise they make an additional bet called the Play Bet which it is equal to the amount of the Ante. The winner of the hand collects the both the Ante and the Play Bet, if the dealer does not qualify the Ante is paid out 1-1 and the Raise Bet is a push.

The Pay Bet for the player is paid out according to the score of the hand with a zero score receiving 4:1, a score of 1-5 getting 2:1 and 6 or higher receiving a 1:1 payout. Keep in mind the player still needs to beat the dealer in order to collect the Pay Bet, a tie results in a push for the Ante and the Play Bet.

The Bonus Bet is an independent Bet (Min $1/Max $100) that pays out if your hand meets certain conditions such as a suited Ace-2-3 (pays out 100:1) a score of Zero (pays 25:1) and a score of Elven or Twelve (pays 4:1). These bets are paid our regardless of the results of the Dealers hand and is payable as long as the player does not fold. You can easily see the full payouts displayed on your screen.

Once our review team learned to play this game we loved it! We do not recommend this game to those looking for an easy no thought type of game but it is very exciting game which you can play and learn the game for free by clicking here.