Tri Card Poker Game Review

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Decks: Shoe
Players: 1
Dealer Qualify: Queen +
Bonus Bet: Pair Plus
Straight Flush: 40 – 1
3 Of A Kind: 30 – 1
Straight : 6-1
Flush: 4-1
Global Friendly: Yes
Software: Realtime Gaming

Tri Card Poker

The Tri Card Poker game is the name of the Three Card Poker game from Realtime Gaming. This game has all the features of a Three Card Poker table that you would find in any brick and mortar casino. The player has the option to bet the Ante, the Pair Plus or both, they then have the option to Fold or Raise after the initial hand is dealt.

Tri Card poker is such a popular game because it is so easy to learn, the hands play fast and you have the chance to win a lot of money fast. The play begins with the player selecting the amount to wager with the minimum being $1 and the maximum is $100, that is per bet so the actual maximum would be $100 bet on the Pair Plus and a $100 on the Ante for a total initial bet of $200.

The hands are dealt with three cards face down to the dealer and three card face up to the player, at this point the player has their only decision to make and that is to Fold or to Raise. If the player folds they lose their bets (Pair Plus+Ante) and if they Raise they must match the Ante bet amount. The hand is dealt out and the winner is determined and paid as long as the dealer has qualified. A bonus is paid to the player if they get are dealt a Straight Flush (4X), Three of a Kind (3X) or a Straight (1X) the value of the Ante. This bonus is paid regardless of the outcome between the Dealer and the Player.

The Dealers hand must consist of a Queen, Six, Four or higher in order for it to qualify and compete against the player. If the dealer does not qualify then the player will win the Ante bet and the Play bet is a push. The Pair Plus bet has nothing to do with the dealers hand and is paid out on the merits of the hand as long as the player does not fold.

The Pair Plus is such an exciting bet because of the instant large returns a player can win. This is an independent bet and it has no bearing on what happens with the Ante Bet, the Pair Plus pays a bonus if the Player is dealt a pair or higher. The Player will win 1-1 if dealt a pair and can win up to 40 -1 if dealt a Straight Flush. You might be surprised how often you see this actually happens! The general strategy in playing this game is to Raise if your hand is a Queen, Six, Four or higher.

Our review team really liked the Tri Card Poker game because it is so easy to play and the chance of a big instant win is so exciting! This game plays fast and flawlessly and you can play this game for free by clicking here!