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Sic Bo

Sic Bo is derived from an Ancient Chinese Dice game and it plays like a craps table or a roulette wheel as you are betting on a certain number or numbers to come up on the toss of three dice.  This game plays exactly as the Sic Bo tables you can find in Macao and Las Vegas where you can bet on your Individual Numbers, the Dominoes or the Any Triple Bet.  There are a multitude of bets that can be made and part of the fun is trying the different possibilities.

A first look at the Sic Bo table can be a bit daunting but in essence you are betting that an individual die will come up (1-6) or that the total of the dice will come up. Keep in mind that the odds of Sic Bo are always in the houses favor and can range from 2.78% to over 30% so you can imagine that this a favored game of the casino.  The game plays fast and fair and it is very easy to place your bets, the good thing about the online tables is that you always can find a seat!

Sic Bo has traditionally been found in the Asian land based casinos and a small appearance in the European and US based casino. It has recently made its way to the online casinos and we are pleased to find this Mobile Friendly version so you can play this on your smartphones and tablets. Like all of our games you can play this for free on the site or you can play the Sic Bo casino game for real winnings at the Slots Million Casino which you can easily join by clicking here!